E-Cat QX Plant Characteristics

I put a few new questions to Andrea Ross today about the E-Cat QX plants he is preparing for.

Frank Acland
February 1, 2018 at 8:29 PM
Dear Andrea,

1. Will the first E-Cat Plants be equipped with heat exchangers and plumbing that will allow them to produce easily hot water / steam?

2. Will you be able to easily attach the plant to the existing hot water / steam systems?

3. Will the first E-Cat Plants be capable of delivering supercritical steam?

4. Will it be possible for plant operators to adjust the temperature of the plant to meet their needs?

5. What will be the approximate cost of a 1MW plant?

Andrea Rossi
February 1, 2018 at 9:42 PM
Frank Acland:
1- depends on the utilizations they are deployed for
2- yes
3- see 1
4- yes
5- tbd
Warm Regards,

So it sounds like the first E-Cat plants will be designed to be versatile, and controllable, and probably the plants will need different appendages depending on the use based on Rossi’s answers to questions 1 and 3. If they can be easily adapted to existing heating systems, and if the price is not prohibitive, replacing a gas, oil, or coal furnace with an E-Cat plant could be an attractive option for all kinds of operations. Rossi has said previously that the first plants will be rated at 1 MW, and that multiple plants can be combined for higher power.

The big question of course is whether these plants will actually appear on the market as projected by Andrea Rossi, and at what cost. We can’t know for sure at this point. Each person will have their own conclusion about that for now. But if they do end up becoming available, and the cost is not prohibitive, they could be a very attractive option for businesses who want to move away from fossil fuel powered furnaces to something cleaner and cheaper.