LION 2 Reactor Unboxed and Analyzed — Strange Electric Field Detected (Video)

Bob Greenyer has posted a new video of him unboxing a LION reactor. This was sent to Bob by the experimenter known on E-Cat World as LION who told Bob that the fueled tube had run for two days in self sustain mode before it melted down inside a Looking for Heat Model T testbed.

In this video (which is over 2 hours long), Bob shows the unboxing of the reactor and running various tests. Part of the broken reactor is stuck inside the model T, apparently melted and fused to the houseing. One very interesting phenomenon that Bob shows is that in when he puts his Electrosmog meter up against the hole which contains the broken reactor, an unusual voltage is detected (see around the 33 minute mark in the video) with the reactor not plugged in to anything.

The full video is below.