Nuclear Heating: Chinese Project Plans District Heating with Low Temperature Nuclear Reactions (Fission)

The World Nuclear News website is reporting about plans in China to begin a district heating system using nuclear fission reactions to supply the low-temperature heat suitable for heating residential and commercial buildings during winter months. The project is to be carried out by China General Nuclear (CGN) and Tsinghua University. CGN states that based on earlier testing the NHR200-II low-temperature nuclear plant design to be used is mature, safe and reliable.

From the article:

The Chinese government has made clean-energy heating a priority, CGN noted. Last year, the authorities issued guidance on clean heating in winter in northern China. The NEA released a five-year plan – covering 2017-2021 – highlighting the innovation of clean heating technology and consideration of nuclear heating.

CGN Chairman He Yu said: “As China’s first trial use of nuclear power to generate over 100 MW of heating energy, the project will serve as a model for clean-energy heating and is considered an ideal replacement for coal-burning. It will help reduce coal consumption, curbing pollution and promoting cleaner heating in North China.”

Andrea Rossi has stated that the E-Cat would be suitable to provide heating for the kinds of district heat heating that this Chinese project is planning for, but of course the LENR reaction is very different from conventional fission. Without the need for extensive safety measures required by nuclear fission plants, the E-Cat might turn out to be a more suitable candidate to provide ‘nuclear heating’.