Rossi: “Progressing at Exponential Speed These Days”

Five days ago Andrea Rossi was asked on the Journal of Nuclear Physics what chances he gave for getting the industrial E-Cats on the market in 2018, and his reply was “70 %”. Just yesterday when asked the same question he stated: “Today I think between 80 and 90%.”

I asked him what had changed his level of confidence and he replied:

Andrea Rossi
February 15, 2018 at 8:02 AM
Frank Acland:
I am progressing at an exponential speed in these days, because issues that needed months to be resolved a couple of months ago now need less time. I give you a model from Dan Brown: to pass from the discovery of fire to the invention of wheel has taken millions years, but to pass from the invention of the wheel to the invention of an internal combustion engine it has taken thousands of years, and so on.
Obviously I can be wrong and find some unforeseen obstacle, by I am optimist: if you are not an optimist guy, you cannot be either an inventor or an enterpreneur, while I am both.
Warm Regards,

It does sound like the really hard work of inventing, testing and all the other R&D necessary for building an acceptable prototype (for the first product) has been accomplished, and now the focus is on getting ready for production.

Also, Rossi wrote this yesterday when asked where he expected the presentation of the first industrial E-Cat product would take place:

Andrea Rossi
February 14, 2018 at 7:17 PM
As things have developed now, I think the first presentation of the product will be made in the USA.
Warm Regards,

  • Jag Kaurah

    Rossi has been getting more positive over the last month or so

    • Stephen

      Yes, I have the feeling at some point soon things will move very quickly.

      If you have to climb to the top a mountain to fly, everything happens when you get there.

    • causal observer

      Yep. Gotta be because he’s got more help, which I still think must be coming largely from the partner; I can’t see adding qualified internal staff that quickly to have produced the implied results. In any case it’s the results that count.

    • Brokeeper

      At this exponential increase he should be selling E-Cats by Summer with a 100% confidence.

  • Dr. Mike

    Without a definition of “start the commercialization of industrial E-Cat plants in 2018″ or ” getting the industrial E-Cats on the market in 2018″ it really doesn’t mean much for Rossi to quote the percentage chances of reaching such a goal. What happened to the “achieving massive production by the end of 2018”? The questions that need answered by Rossi to determine when the products using QX devices will really be available include: 1. When will the specifications for the E-Cat QX modules be available so potential users can begin designing products? and 2. When will sufficient reliability data be available on the QX modules that will allow customers to know when they might actually start building some products utilizing the QX modules?

    • causal observer

      Perhaps the more interesting result for 2018 would be a large reputable customer willing to publicly state “It produces more heat for less money than any other product in its class that we are aware of.”

      • Dr. Mike

        I don’t expect we will hear from any customers in 2018. If a customer feels that the QX devices will offer them a cost advantage over their competitors, they really would not want to publicize this fact. I do expect to see QX module specifications sometime in mid 2018, assuming Rossi is really going to have a commercial product by the end of 2018 per any definition of a “commercial product” that he chooses. My definition of having a “commercial product” available would include having extensive reliability data available (especially since this is an unproven technology). I don’t expect a comprehensive reliability study to be completed before well into 2019, and this assumes that no reliability issues are uncovered in the testing. A serious reliability issue could take months to fix and as much as an additional year to verify the fix results in reliable parts.

  • Buck

    Fantastic exchange between Frank & Rossi on the cause of this good news of fulfilled optimism. In its own way, it supports the theory that ABB or some other unknown partner is providing resources which catapult Rossi’s QX into a globally competitive entity capable of competing with virtually any other global powerhouse within the Energy Production industry.


    Frank Acland
    February 15, 2018 at 11:48 AM

    Dear Andrea,
    I am pleased to learn you are making progress. Would you say that your faster progress is due to:
    a) Having more people with relevant expertise to work on the issues at hand?
    b) Having more resources (funds and equipment) at your disposal?
    c) The prototype is completed, and now you are dealing with standard engineering?
    d) Having more experience with the E-Cat QX?
    e) Problems being less difficult to resolve nowadays?
    f) Having the support of a cooperative partner?
    Thank you very much,
    Frank Acland

    Andrea Rossi
    February 15, 2018 at 11:53 AM

    Frank Acland:
    a- also
    b- also
    c- yes
    d- also
    e- do you have a ctistal ball at hand?
    f- also
    Warm Regards,

    • causal observer

      Nice questions Frank; nice answers, too.

  • Paul Smith

    If you know the works of that genius of Elon Musk, you will also know that he make very optimistic forecasts that instead slid forward in time.
    Nevertheless, he sooner or later realizes what he sees with extreme clarity in his mind.
    Andrea Rossi is a similar man. Maybe he could be wrong in the forecasts for excess of optimism or underestimation of difficulties.
    I mean, let’s not worry too much about the deadline of December 31, 2018. I would be happy if he could do what he hopes by the middle of next year.

    • Frank Acland

      Paul, I agree. I have seen Rossi predict timelines in the past which have passed, but usually something happens in the end. However this time he does seem especially determined to get things started this year.

      • Buck

        Rossi expresses clear feelings about his production goal for 2018. I capitalize for emphasis.

        Now, will all the remaining pieces fall into place? His 1/27 response (January 27, 2018 at 7:17 PM) to Labor suggests your perspective is spot on and that the practical details look to be on track.


        January 27, 2018 at 10:11 PM

        Dear Andrea,
        What about the jet engine R&D?
        All the best,

        Andrea Rossi
        January 28, 2018 at 10:03 AM

        It is on course, even if now my focus is in the launch of the fluid heater basic version. I wand AT ANY COST TO PRESENT THE PRODUCT WITHIN THIS YEAR.
        Warm Regards,

  • Vinney

    To avert a looming humanitarian crisis in Capetown, South Africa, I am sure Rossi is being urged by water purification companies and public health authorites to expedite the construction of 10 Ecat QX prototypes (partly hand-built) specially designed for water desalination/distillation.
    With the ‘thuggish’ Jacob Zuma removed, the interim government is able to allocate resources and money to a solution.
    Based on pricing of the previous 1MW low temperature boiler, a premium of US$5 million per plant is not far-fetched considering alternative long-term and short-term options.
    Many companies distillation modules would suit such a boiler, my favorite uses a hybrid of solar heat and electricity, see
    Ideal in the sunny climate of Capetown, incorporating also public showers.
    Further study (on my part) has shown re-mineralisation of distalled water is not necessary at the plant, but consumers can add minerals to their drinking water using tablets.
    Distilled water is excellent in humanitarian efforts as it can be used to ‘detoxify’ the body (ingestion for only a few days) and as an antiseptic on wounds.
    Also it stops the spread of infection and diseases.
    This would be an excellent PR exercise for Rossi and his E-cats, and people will foresee hundreds of industrialised units at the end of this year earmarked for humanitarian causes, leased by Leonardo to governments and humanitarian organizations around the world.
    The Nobel prize for physics may be contentious, but the Nobel prize for peace for this gallant humanitarian effort will be ‘unanimous’ for Dr. Andrea Rossi.
    The Ecat will have found its place for greater good in all corners of the world in record time.

  • sam

    Raffaele Bongo
    February 18, 2018 at 4:50 PM
    Hello A. Rossi

    Any machine induces risks related to its use. I remember the problems that occurred during the Apollo 13 mission. Nuclear power stations, which were very secure, unfortunately caused some dramas.
    Can you tell us what are the possible incidents and accidents related to normal use of a 1 MW E-Cat? breakdowns, malfunctions, fire, poisoning, etc.

    All my support for your work


    Andrea Rossi
    February 18, 2018 at 5:10 PM
    Raffaele Bongo:
    The issue is very complex. We got the certification for the industrial applications, based on the respect of all the items listed in the manual of operation.
    To answer I’d have to enter in details that are reserved to the Customers. Obviously for the domestic units the problem is exponentially more difficult, because the apparatus has to be safe even if the Customer does not read the operation manuals: remember the case of the company that has been held liable, together with the certificator, because a Customer put a cat in the microwave oven sold by that company to dry the cat after a shampoo.
    Warm Regards,

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