Alan Smith’s Third LION Control Experiment

Alan Smith of Looking for Heat is now working on a third LION control experiment. He says that the purpose of this one is to bake all the ingredients that are found in the LION reactor to see which effects might be purely thermal, and which might be LENR related.

So this is kind of a shake and bake experiment — pack all the ingredients everything into a quartz tube in some presumably random order, and heat it all up together in the Model T reactor at 800 C, which is apparently the temperature that LION used with his experiments.

The ingredients he is putting inside the tube are: K26 brick dust, magnesium oxide, copper wire fragments, a small fragment of fuel tube with 2 diamonds, zinc plated steel bolts and Cu wrapping, broken quartz, silver leaf, kanthal wire,

You can see some photos of this at this post on the LENR Forum:

Alan has sent me some data from the test so far which can be found in this Excel File:


Alan’s notes to me:

“It shows dead flat line once I had settled on the correct voltage which is the first little wiggles in the line.
Also please note that there is an offset in the Xcel figure for temp – it is +400, so just under 400 is actually just under 800”

He says there are about 18 hours to go in the test.