LION Dummy Run Shows Rising Trend in Radiation Count (Alan Smith)

This is a post from Alan Smith in this thread where he reports about a new test he has run.

Here are a couple of data-plots from a dummy-run using part-prepared diamonds (soaked for 7.5 days in D20, not 30. They were pre-baked for 7 days. Maybe a tiny amount of anomalous heat there, but no cream cakes. The most interesting thing is in the lower graph showing a steadily rising trend in radiation count. Thermo 0 is the ‘live’ port, thermo 1 is the control.

Hot plot – rad count is way down in the clutter along the bottom line.


Expanded ‘clutter zone’ with trend line for radiation detected using a Netto Geiger with SBM-20 tube 6 cms from the live fuel tube.