Modeling Rare Ball Lightning With Skyrmion Quasiparticle

Here is a comment I received from a reader today.

I thought that perhaps some readers might be interested in this article in Gizmodo: “Scientists Model Rare Ball Lightning With Help From Tangled ‘Skyrmion’ Quasiparticle”, . The full article “Synthetic electromagnetic knot in a three-dimensional skyrmion” has been published in Science Advances, . It is an interesting combination of electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, Bose-Einstein condensates and ball lightning. Perhaps some readers more deeply in physics might get some new ideas from this.

Aalto University QCD Labs in Finland ( and other affiliations behind the paper are known for their high class theoretical and practical work in the field of nanoscience and quantum mechanics.

Below is video of from Aalto University with this explanation:

“A side view of the experimental creation of a 3D skyrmion. The imaging method produces three regions where the spins point up (right), horizontally (center), and down (left). In the actual experiment, theris only a single condensate which contains all these different regions. Brighter color denotes a higher particle density.”