Interview with Looking for Heat’s Alan Smith (Cold Fusion Now Podcast)

If people are interested more in the efforts of Looking for Heat in trying to help LENR researchers with their replication efforts, I would recommend listening to a recently published interview with Alan Smith conducted by Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now.

Alan discusses the goals of Looking for Heat and talks about his history in the field of engineering and his interest in LENR. He also discusses his interest in catalysis, including project he has started in which he uses a catalyst to create aluminum oxide and hydrogen from scrap aluminum.

He also describes a glow-discharge experiment that he plans to carry out at the New Energy Symposium that is planned to be held in Stockholm in June 2018.

The podcast, along with other podcasts of Ruby’s interviews with others working in the LENR field can be found here:

Incidentally, Alan has just shared on another thread here on ECW a video of a walk-through of new premises that he has just taken possession of near his home in London which he will use as a research laboratory. See below:

DSCN0830 from Alan Smith on Vimeo.