‘Precision Cut High Energy Crystals’ (Torus Tech)

Thanks to Max Nozin for posting the following comment:

“Check out pdf on this page




“Once you figure out that quantum field is indeed a sea of little bullets ( oscillating ie spinning) regardless how you actually calling them, it brings home many theories new and abandoned a century ago.”

Torus Tech is a company that states it is working on applying the work of Nassim Haramein, the company’s executive director of research and development and who is the inventor in the above patent. He is also the author of a paper cited on the company’s website titled “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass” available here:


Torus Tech states the following regarding its business strategy:

“Currently our focus is in vacuum energy related interactions whereby we are developing technologies that can either directly or indirectly interact with the fluctuating energy dynamics that constitute the very structure of the vacuum itself. Once prototypes are completed and data analyzed we partner with manufacturers who have the right infrastructure and expertise to manufacture the end product at scale. Currently we are working with two manufacturers on producing the ARK™ crystal at scale while we build out our proprietary charging process in house. In parallel to the manufacturing work we are conducting plant based trials to demonstrate the effect of this technology on promoting optimal biological function.”