80 W E-Cat QX Reactors for First Plants

We’ve heard different numbers from Andrea Rossi over the years about the power rating for the E-Cat QX reactors. He has mentioned 20 W and 40 W in the past, but on the Journal of Nuclear Physics yesterday he has confirmed the rating for the reactors to be used in the first plants at 80 W each.

This would mean that to make a 1 MW plant, he would need to combine 12500 individual reactors together. Rossi has said in the past that a single controller can drive 100 reactors. If that holds true for the plants, then a 1 MW plant would need 125 control systems. In addition, Rossi has stated that there will be redundancy built in to allow for uninterrupted operation when E-Cats need to be replaced by fresh ones.

We have heard recently that newer, much larger individual reactors of 10 kW and 100 kW are being tested, but Rossi has emphasized that they are still in the R&D phase, and require extensive testing before they can be considered viable. He wrote this today:

Andrea Rossi
March 9, 2018 at 6:10 AM
Svein Henrik:
You must make a distinction between what I am sure of, what is possible and what I am not sure of. While the 80 W QXs are a reality that works and we are industrializing, the big reactors ( 10 kW and 100 kW ) are prototypes far from being ready for industrialization NOW. Therefore I answered to you on the base of future possibilities, while to Frank Acland based upon the situation related to the year 2018.
Warm Regards,

So he considers the 80 W QXs a reality that work well enough for industrialization, while other options need further work.