SRI Independently Verifies Brillouin LENR Reactions (Brillouin Energy Press Release)

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Increased COPs, Increased Power Output, Increased LENR Heat, Better Calorimetry, More Extensive Testing

BERKELEY, CA, March 13th,2018–Researchers at SRI International ( have issued a Technical Progress Report covering their review and independent validation of Brillouin Energy’s on-going testing and scaling efforts of its most advanced Isoperibolic (“IPB”) Hydrogen Hot Tube™ (HHT™) component prototypes, which generate controlled Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (“LENR”).

In their 2017 Report, SRI’s researchers confirmed that they have continued to successfully replicate“over-unity” amounts of thermal energy (heat) in Brillouin Energy’s IPB HHTs, now at materially greater output levels than was seen in their prior replication efforts that were documented in their 2016 Report. SRI conducted extensive review and third-party tests of Brillouin Energy’s technology throughout 2017. This included review of considerable test data from Brillouin’s four individual IPB HHT™LENR reactor test systems, plus 34 different HHT™ reactor cores that were designed to increase scaling of power outputs and reactor control.Dr.Francis Tanzella was again the principal investigator assigned to SRI’s testing of Brillouin Energy’s LENR systems and conducted all of the third party validation work.

“Brillouin Energy has made real progress in defining the engineering pathway forward,and in demonstrating increased potential to scale total power production in its reactors. This is reflected in SRI’s 2017 Report as compared to SRI’s 2016 Report. Their growing list of technical achievements are leading to a number of resultst hat we have not seen before. Increased COP’s, increased repeatable excess power outputs, increased LENR heat, better calorimetry, and transportability of multiple reactor systems performing independently –it’s continuing to point to a potential breakthrough.” said Dr. Tanzella, Managerof the Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Program, Energy & Environment Center, SRI International.

“The results validated in the 2017 SRI Report are the strongest proof yet that Brillouin Energy is on the path to commercialization”, said David Firshein,Chief Financial Officer of Brillouin Energy. “The company has proven with increasing scientific evidence, which SRI has independently verified, that its reactor systems can produce actual LENR heat at lab scale,which is both controllable on demand and repeatable, in multiple reactor systems and components manufactured and run the same way.

Mr. Firshein added,“this is the second ProgressReport from SRI International that verified Brillouin Energy’s technical claims. The results validated in this year’s Report are up to three times greater than those validated in the previous year’s Report. The company’s current growth capital raise will fund the next stage of scaling heat outputs to industrially useful levels.”

The 2017 Technical Progress Report summarizes all of the data and conclusions from SRI International’s year-long validation test review of Brillouin Energy’s IPB HHT™LENR reactor systems. To view the 2017 Report, click here:

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Brillouin Energy is a clean-technology company based in Berkeley, CA, which is developing an ultra-clean, low-cost, renewable energy technology that is capable of producing commercially useful amounts of thermal energy from LENR. Brillouin’s LENR technology includes a proprietary method of electrical stimulation of nickel metal conductors using its Q-Pulse™ control system. The process stimulates the system to produce LENR reactions, which generate excess heat.Other than the heat output, there are no (zero) toxic or CO2 bi-product emissions of any kind.

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