‘Resonances Are At the Base of the Rossi Effect’

A few more details have been posted in recent days by Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. I asked him where he was focusing his efforts these days and he replied:

We have now three teams I am working with:
1- industrialization in the USA
2- industrialization in Sweden
3- theory elaboration
4- Ecat SK (high power modules)

I followed up asking if they had secured factory locations in both Sweden and the USA, and he replied: “We already have a secured situation in the USA, not yet in Sweden.”

The “Ecat SK” is the name Rossi is giving to the higher powered E-Cat reactors, named after Swedish physicist Sven Kullander who was an early supporter and advisor. Rossi wrote: “Yes, we decided to dedicate to Sven Kullander the high energy reactors. We are strongly indebted with him and I will never forget that he, while fighting for his health in the last days of his life, still helped our work with his priceless suggestions.”

Another interesting point came in a reply to a question from Raffaele Bongo who asked whether the resonance of the hydrogen ion could be behind the Rossi effect. Rossi answered:

I do not think so, albeit I think that resonances are at the base of our effect, as explained in the summary of 6 minutes of the demo we made at the IVA of Stockholm: you can easily find the link to it on