New Energy World Symposium Postponed

Mats Lewan has published a post on his New Energy World Symposium website, announcing the postponement of the symposium that had been scheduled for June in Stockholm, Sweden.

Here is an excerpt:

After some time of discussions and considerations, I have today decided that the New Energy World Symposium, scheduled to have taken place in June 2018 in Stockholm, will be postponed to a later date, yet to be defined.

The main reason is that several people, including some of those who are working with the development of LENR based technologies which is the main focus of the symposium, have asked me to wait until there’s a product in the market. This would make the event more relevant given that it turns to a wide audience wanting to get a better understanding of the consequences of such a disruptive energy technology—clean, compact, carbon-free, cheap and abundant.

Since there are good reasons to believe that a commercial LENR based energy product could be launched within a year or so, I find it reasonable to listen to this argument, and I will be looking forward to continuing the planning for the event while a product launch is getting closer.