New Inflow: Russian Company Claims LENR Success

Thanks to Max Nozin for posting a link to a Russian company called New Inflow which was founded in 2009, and since then have been carrying out both theoretical and experimental research in the LENR field.

The company’s website is published in Russian and English here:

The website states:

Company’s currently held experiments are based on generation of plasmoid formations in swirling gas flow which are created by various impulse-modulated discharges and subsequent utilization of generated heat.

Experimental laboratory setups are developed and simulated with the help of new mathematical models and methods.

As of today, the following main results in the LENR area were achieved by the “New Inflow” company:

  • LENR effects were confirmed in several lab experiments. This fact is consistently proved by conducted measurements using up to date diagnostic equipment;
  • heat COP of devices created in “New Inflow” is 600% to 800%;
  • results of chemical elements transformation are also obtained;
  • devices created in the “New Inflow” may run on a wide range of materials, and are not limited to costly ones such as Pd and Ni.

The following paper has been apparently written by people associated with this company. “High effective heterogeneous plasma vortex reactor for production of heat energy and hydrogen” published here