“LION – is it the Basis for a $bn+ Industry?” (Bob Greenyer)

Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has published a new video and a new post on the MFMP’s Steemit blog a new post analyzing the LION 2 reactor which was sent to Bob in a rather destroyed state by its maker (who goes by the name of LION here on E-Cat World).

Bob’s video can be seen here:

The Steemit post can be read here:


Bob’s conclusion is here:

The LION 2 reactor appears to have been transmuting Cr found in the Kanthal A1 heater wire, via addition of Deuterons through Mn to Fe. If so, this represents a high nuclear transmutation yield process that begins with easily obtainable, safe, off the shelf elements and industrial materials with the products not able to have radioactivity of any kind after the 50Cr is imploded to stable isotopes. Further study of other pieces of heater wire / flakes need to be conducted with mass spectrometry and magnetic resonance techniques to confirm this finding via determining isotopic concentrations, especially 57Fe.

If confirmed, this technology has the potential to form the basis of a multi-billion dollar nuclear waste and contamination treatment industry that is much needed, especially for those living around the pacific given both Fukashima and Enewetak Atoll. It also may be able to synthesise commercially important elements profitably making it a desirable experiment for first time LENR researchers.