Unconventional Nuclear Reactions (Reginald B. Little)

The following post has been submitted by Reginald B. Little.

In reference to the topic of Axil’s post about chiral particles (particles with two possible rotations, clockwise or counterclockwise), the idea has already been archived by me as reversible (for all transport and transformations chemically) and irreversible ( for unconventional nuclear reactions) fussing and fusing of nuclei of positive and negative nuclear magnetic moments for explaining and accelerating unconventional nuclear reactions.

By such I have explained how all prior cold fusion and LENR observations since Ponns and Fleischmann (I prefer calling them unconventional nuclear reactions as they are not low energy but high potential energy) occur and can be accelerated by these nonprimordial nuclear magnetic moments and the difficulty of inducing unconventional nuclear reactions is thereby explained by me as the site ( Ed Storm’s reaction centers which he did not and was not able to give nature of) has to enrich in these nuclear magnetic moments in particular the negative nuclear magnetic moments.

It was by this that I accelerated unconventional nuclear in silver and copper as by silver having all negative nuclear moments. It is by this that nickel is better than Palladium has it is 61Ni causing nuclear activity in Nano nickel. It is the negative nuclear moment in Ti that causes its unconventional nuclear activity.

By my theory, I also invented a THEORETICAL cure for cancer using negative nuclear moments their consequent chiral rays what I call dark rays. It is by this that i also have discovered the true cause origin and theory of high temperature superconductivity as by these nuclei of negative nuclear magnetic moments. I can explain all superconductivity and I know how to increase superconductivity to room temperatures using isotopes of nonzero nuclear magnetic moments.

The theory and ideas are expressed and archived here: http://rxiv.org/author/reginald_b_little

Reginald B. Little