Rossi: Weak Force not Behind LENR

Andrea Rossi doesn’t say too much about how he thinks the E-Cat works, although he reports that he continues to work with Carl-Oscar Gullstrom, and they are planning experiments to test some of the theories they contemplating.

Rossi was asked on the Journal of Nuclear Physics this week if he thought the Weak Force played a role in LENR.

Some researchers have theorized that weak interactions play a role in LENR phenomona. For example Srivastava, Widom and Larsen in this paper write “electromagnetic and weak interactions can induce low energy nuclear reactions to occur with observable rates for a variety of processes.” NASA researcher Joseph Zawodny also suggested here that LENR used weak forces.

However, Rossi disagrees. His reply to the question was: “No, because weak forces would emit much stronger radiations.”

So what does he think is going on? He still has not stated that he has a definitive theory, but that he is continuing work in this area with Gullstrom who at the November 2017 E-Cat gave a presentation on his current thinking on the subject. He theorized that there was a “new special potential of the strong force that is not found (common) in nature.”

He also highlighted one area that he and Rossi have been focusing on. He wrote:

“I and Rossi are making the hypothesis of the possibility that the temperatures of the plasma can reach the mass of a new particle/waves in fields that could annihilate without emitting high energy radiations because of the low energy.”

Rossi commented later on this saying

“Because since we start from particles that have a very low mass, because at 2600 Kelvin we have a mass between 1 electron volt- 1.4 electron volt. So we should have in this field, let us compare it to an ocean, we have crests of small waves and anti-waves that are resonances, they are not actually elementary particles, they are resonances in a field that disappear after, say 10 to the minus 23 seconds, they are not particles, they are resonances.

“But these resonances could through the annihilation between these virtual particles and anti-particles could produce energy that is not enough to generate strong ionizing radiations because they are not big waves, they are just small waves. And this could explain why we have heat in this measure that is not the measure of a full nuclear reaction, but we do not have strong radiations”