Initial Production Goal for E-Cat QX: 100,000 1kW per Year

Gerard McEk asked a good question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today:

Just one question about the industrial road you are going:
What production capacity in Ecat QX output kW’s are you aiming at when you introduce your industrial plant?

Andrea Rossi’s reply:

Answer: we would be ready for 100,000 kW/year, easy to upgrade following the market.

Rossi has said they will start by producing 1 kW E-Cat QX modules that can be combined to make plants of any desired size. 100,000 1 kW modules is a relatively modest goal; it would be enough to build 100 1 MW plants initially. It seems they are planning to start small, which makes sense in terms of setting up and testing the production processes, and controlling costs.

If Rossi’s goal is to start production this year they probably have no choice but to do it this way given time and money constraints. Rossi says that this would be easy to upgrade, and I would imagine that if the plants are demonstrated to work well, I would expect there will be very high demand for them, requiring rapid expansion of production facilities.