Is This Really Pyroelectric Crystal Nuclear Fusion? (Axil Axil)

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Is This Really Pyroelectric Crystal Nuclear Fusion?

The author of this article first lists all the indicators that are required to prove that the fusion of deuterium is taking place, but he latter admits that only neutrons were detected coming out of this reaction.

This looks like the LENR reaction to me. The mechanism for the LENR reaction is chiral charge separation similar to what occurs in the SAFIRE system where a double layer of plasma is formed inducing a condition of extreme separation of charge. At its very core, all manifestations of the LENR reaction is caused by chiral spin polarization.

The electric charge separation is produced by Chiral particle spin polarization. The magnetic force generated by this polarization is far stronger than the coulomb force thus resulting in the production of polarized electric fields and current flow.

This polarization will induce a weak force reaction that will produce proton and neutron decay and the associated generation of mesons. Another sign of chiral spin polarization is the lack of radioactive reaction byproducts. Radioactive decay is near instantaneous when it is produced though the application of a left handed chiral polarized particle stream.

Fusion is not happening in this reaction even if neutrons are detected. Fusion requires the production of specific gamma radiation at 3 and 14 Mev. It also requires the production of tritium and He3. Without the generation of ALL these tell tale reaction products, fusion is unproven and the LENR reaction is indicated.

To test this posit as an alternative test to the fusion reaction conjecture, a chiral particle steam produced by this heated crystal will greatly reduce the half life of a radioactive isotope. Is there a LENR experimenter who will verity this posit?

Where chiral spin particle polarization is active, this shows what a double layer can do to a tungsten probe tip. By the way, the same reaction happens in the SunCell except the vaporizing tungsten electrode weighs in at over 100 pounds.

  • The tunneling factor for fusion cross-section is defined by quantum mechanics and for DD by equation e^[-31.4/SQRT(energy-in-keV)]. Assuming energy of 25keV
    this factor is ~2E-3, and at 2keV this factor would be ~2E-10, a full 7 orders of magnitude lower. If we are talking about at least 10 meganeutrons/s at 25keV, then at 2keV this
    would translate to 1 neutron/s if all else remained equal. That means, that hot fusion (as practiced in fusor for example) requires quite low voltage for being distinguishable from background and nothing strange is about it.

    The pyroelectric fusion generates this voltage by thermal stress of crystal during their expansion/dilatation. The piezocrystal inside your gas lighter achieves such a voltage routinely – it takes just about 3000 volts to arc over a 1mm air gap and 15,000 volts to product a 1/4″ (0.63 cm) spark. Therefore the pyroelectric fusion can run safely by pure hot fusion mechanism and nothing strange is about it.

  • greggoble

    Thanks Axil Axil,

    I have been studying Transient Effects in Dendritic Solidification by Vladimir Pines showing how fast pressure changes effects the growth of dendritic tips.

    Surface morphology in the nuclear reactive environment of LENR may see dendritic growth with temperature and pressure changes in the system.

    Is this an available path to produce the chiral spin polarization of which you speak?

  • Axil Axil

    I was really too quick on the trigger here. I looked at the references included in the steemit article and saw a more detailed description of the experimental results.

    “Around 1000 fusion reactions per second took place, each resulting in the production of an 820 keV helium-3 nucleus and a 2.45 MeV neutron.”

    But this is a very strange type of fusion. This fusion reaction only produced helium-3. A normal fusion reaction would have produced a 50/50 split of tritium and helium-3. What happened to the tritium?

    It is my speculation that the particles produced by the Pyroelectric crystals were chiral polarized. This would have changed the weak force decay reaction of tritium to what happens in LENR where no radioactive isotopes are produced. In this case, that means tritium. This reaction looks like a hybrid hot/cold fusion reaction.

    If you take a look at the SunCell meltdown of a huge tungsten electrode

    Notice that the copper power cable is not effected by the meltdown. Why?

    The plasma should has destroyed that cable long before the tungsten vaporized. The reason may be that the cable carried non chiral polarized electrons which protected the cable from the LENR reaction. The tungsten was covered in chiral polarized polaritons and was destroyed in short order. The same thing was seen in the LION reactor where the heating cable survived even though the alumina around it vaporized

    Notice that the meltdown did not occur immediately; it took the best part of a minute. This may be caused by the need for the polariton condensate to store enough power to become LENR active.

    The SAFIRE fusion reaction also only produces helium-3. This tells me that the double layer generates proton/ proton fusion but like the Pyroelectric crystal experiment, does not produce tritium. The double plasma layer in SAFIRE must also generate chiral spin polarization.

  • stuart

    The diagram of the two plates above is indicative of the cells used by the guys producing Browns gas which also can vaporise Tungsten despite having a cool flame.

  • Jouni Tuomela

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