Leonardo to Begin Commercialization by Selling Heat, not E-Cat Plants: Q & A With Andrea Rossi

Below is a Q & A exchange conducted today via email with Andrea Rossi regarding his plans for the commercial roll-out of industrial E-Cats.

1. Can you explain why you have decided now to announce that you are taking orders for the industrial E-Cat plants?

Because if we make plants we need clients.

2. You have been developing industrial E-Cat products for many years now. However, first generation E-Cat plants, like the one you operated during the 1-year test in Doral, never went into mass production. What is different with the current generation of E-Cat?

The former Ecats were not ready to be operated from clients.

3. For someone hearing about the E-Cat for the first time, and interested as a possible customer, what information would you like to tell them about your product?

The Customer has just to know how much energy we deliver, in which form and at what price, plus the information that will be contained in the safety instructions. We will make the installation

4. What size (in power rating) plants are you taking orders for?

1 MW

5. How much physical space would a 1 MW E-Cat plant occupy?

15′ x 9′ x 9′

6. If someone orders a plant today when can they expect to be able to receive it?

End 2018/2019 first quarter

7. Comparing an E-Cat plant to a typical natural gas heating system of the same power rating, about how much cheaper would it be to operate over one year?


8. You have mentioned recently for example that industrial plants could be installed in facilities like factories, hospitals and greenhouses which need heat. What would be your definition of an industrial application for an E-Cat?

An application wherein the heat is used by an industry for any purpose

9. What would be the approximate cost of a 1MW plant if it were ordered today?

We will sell heat, not plants

10. Is your business model now to only sell heat, or will you sell plants to customers in the future?

It will depend on the evolution of the situation

11. At the factories where you sell heat, will Leonardo personnel operate the plants, or will employees of the local company operate them?

The plant will be operated in remote from our headquarter, through the cloud with dedicated servers. The Client will not have any operation to do inside the plant

12. When a customer makes an agreement with Leonardo, are they agreeing to pay just a monthly energy bill, or are there other up-front costs involves (such as installation fees)?

This will depend on the agreement.

13. What is the minimum length of time for a contract duration?

5 years

14. What is the guaranteed minimum COP of an E-Cat plant?


15. What is the maximum temperature or steam that an E-Cat plant can produce?

600 C

16. Who will install E-Cat plants for customers?

Leonardo Corporation

17. How will training on how to operate an E-Cat plant be done?

The expert responsible for safety of the Client will make a course on site

18. Like with any product, a typical customer will more than likely want to see a demonstration of an E-Cat plant before making a decision to purchase. When will you show your new product, and demonstrate it in operation?

When one will be in operation