What Really is ‘New Fire’ Fuel? (Bob Greenyer)

The following comment was posted here by Bob Greenyer

What really is ‘New Fire’ Fuel?

Using powerful new online Parkhomov nuclear reaction database to help explain real empirical data and guide potentially viable experimental choices.

Dr. Alexander Parkhomov’s net positive nuclide to stable nuclide interactive reaction tables are now available on


Made possible by the superb donated programming talent of Denis Lamotte, thankyou Denis.

Blogpost is here: https://steemit.com/steemstem/@mfmp/what-really-is-new-fire-fuel


  • Mats002

    Great work! A lot of data to gather, assess, digest and see common patterns from. And a great presentation too.

    I was left with one big question though: what is the ’Active agent’? Is it a small ball light that ’lives’ in the choosed feedstock of elements? Or is it something completely different animal?

    • Bob Greenyer

      Ways to identify if you are making the active agent real-time will be addressed in maybe the next blog / presentation – it is part authored, however, getting this FusFis.org site out as SOON as it was ready for prime time took precedence.

      What the ‘Active Agent’ is will be a major part of O-Day. But, there are already so many clues in this and other media I have put out and comments, particularly since last September, that someone has to get it soon.

      It just takes a LOT of work to make things coherent and cross-references and checked. I am sure I’ll make errors, however, I get the urge to release things when I know that it is at a point that it can add value and be hopefully understood.

    • Axil Axil

      Like any complex taxsonimy, different levels of classification have differing capabilities. Can a bacterial walk…no, it is alive like you and you can walk because you have the tools to enable walking. Can you fly…no because you do not have the tools to fly.

      It is the same complex layering of characteristics that allow different levels of LENR to do different things. The Active agent at one level acts differently than that of another level.

      The term Active agent is like saying that LENR is alive. But different agents at different levels could be a entirely different animals.

  • Jonas Matuzas

    What about O-day ?

    • Bob Greenyer

      This is one of several presentations coming (in addition to others past) that will help people ‘get’ O-day.

      In fact, some of the slide images are break-outs from the main O-Day presentation.

      It would be an enormous amount to grasp, and people would go, like eh? or SATURATION if done as, like, an Italian feast. Plus I really don’t want O-Day to actually take a day.

  • Axil Axil

    Radioactive isotopes will not appear in LENR ash so those isotopes could be removed from the database.

    the LENR reaction prefers isotopes with a nuclear spin of zero. Lead is an example. The isotopes of lead all have a zero nuclear spin except lead 207 which is 1/2.

    Another example is tungsten in which most of the isotopes have a zero nuclear spin.

    Boron resists the LENR reaction because the nuclear spin is large for all isotopes at 3 and 3/2

    10B 10.012 937 0(4) 19.9 (7) 3 1.80065
    11B 11.009 305 5(5) 80.1 (7) 3/2 2.688637

    High nuclear spin resists the power of the LENR magnetic flux tube from getting into the nucleons. A portion of this LENR active magnetic field is converted to RF radiation by high nuclear spins thereby weakening the reaction.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Axil, the isotopes are in there because they are a real problem from fission programs and LENR will take radioactive isotopes and make them non-radioactive as demonstrated by Adamenko and others.

      • Axil Axil

        Regrading Adamenko and super heavy elements: “the mass spectra reveal the masses equal to 253, 264, 394, 395, 433, and 434
        which do not yield to any interpretation and identification, i.e., they are absent among all the
        known isotope combinations given in the typical catalogs.”

        We may be seeing the production of ultra dense elements similar to what Holmlid generates. It seems that any element can form a metastable superconducting configuration if compressed enough. The strange radiation that Adamenko sees speaks to the possibility of the formation of super-dense clusters of any element, not just hydrogen.

  • Axil Axil

    Transmutation could be a SECONDARY reaction carried by muons and pions caused by the PRIMARY LENR reaction which generates the muons and pions. The transmutation is produced the subatomic particles that are produced when nucleons decay.

    I suspect that this may be the case since nitrogen is a notorious LENR poison having an unfavorable nuclear spin value (spin = 1).

    On the other hand, Muon catalyzed fusion is not sensitive to high nuclear spin values. This allows nitrogen to readily enter into a muon produced fusion reaction.

    Furthermore, muons can cause fission of heavy elements. Search for “muon induced fission”.

  • Axil Axil

    In the ECCO reactor, there is probably multiple nuclear active reactions going on at once. These reactions include nucleon decay that is producing sub atomic particles(muon and pions), muon/pion catalyzed fusion and fission.

    One way to determine is muons are producing nuclear reactions is to confine the reactor in a magnetic bottle to increase the population of muons that are confined to the ash. If muons are active, then there should be a marked increase in the level of transmutation that is occurring. If no difference in transmutation is seen then the PRIMARY LENR reaction is the sole source of the transmutation.

    Low-energy nuclear reactions and the leptonic monopole
    Georges Lochak*, Leonid Urutskoev**


    This experiment shows that U238 is fissioning at a faster rate than U235 since U235 was enriched.

    The uranium was far removed in distance from the Primary LENR reaction source. Yet both U238 and U235 were found to fission. Muon induced fission is the likely cause of this fission reaction.

  • Axil Axil

    In ECCO fuel, the likely cause of the strange radiation is some form of ultra dense hydride such as water or hydrogen.

    This ultra dense hydride most likely produced the LENR reactions seen in the ECCO fuel.

  • Axil Axil

    To address the tungsten issue at about 30:00 in, the LENR reaction is easily induced in tungsten. The LENR reaction will produce muons and pions by producing a decay in one of the nucleons inside the tungsten nucleus. This tungsten now is subject to a muon catalyzed nuclear reaction that will either fusion tungsten with another element or fission tungsten or another element in the neighborhood of tungsten.

    To verify this conjecture, as per the Low-energy nuclear reactions and the leptonic monopole experiment case, enclose the ECCO fuel preparation unit in a blanket of elements that are the feed-stock of the fuel. If transmutation is seen in a mix of elements that are separate from the fuel preparation process and removed in distance from it, then subatomic particles that are being produced by the fuel preparation process are inducing transmutation in the remote element mix.

    In another test, also add ECCO fuel to expose a mix of tungsten mix with other elements to a sample of ECCO fuel but not in physical contact with the fuel. If transmutation is seen in the tungsten feed stock, then muons are catalyzing nuclear reactions in the tungsten mix.

    To maximize the muon density, this test is best performed in a magnetic bottle to confine the muons near the tungsten element mix.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Chernetskii observed transmutation at a distance, in fact many have, Adamenko is another example.

      The idea of having a stand-off material susceptible to transmutations is a good one, I would select from those proposed by Bolotov – such as PbO – maybe even in a molten state.

      I note that John Hutchison is able to transmute Bismuth in air with EM at a distance and I hope to acquire both starting and finishing material.


      • georgehants

        Bob, when you state, transmutation at a distance, are you connecting this to the strange radiation that you talk about?

        • Axil Axil

          If I may interject here, strange radiation is produced by a metastable agent that produces the LENR effect. Think of it as a micro sized ball lightning.

          Certain negatively charged sub atomic particles can produce fusion when they push out a valance electron in a chemical compound and cause the elements in those compounds to fusion. These sub atomic particles can defeat the coulomb barrier because they are so heavy(207 tines as heavy as the electron).


          • greggoble

            Are you able to provide a link to this video?

          • Axil Axil

            I looked, I could not find a working link.

          • greggoble

            Thanks for looking… I am re-watching the the MFMP fuel video.

            This is perhaps off topic and deserves a new posting.
            I am beginning to understand why Vladimir Pines’ previous works are essential to the ongoing NASA GRC AEC LENR effort.

            Knowledge of dendrites seems essential to LENR, as presented in the NASA GRC briefing of 2011,slide 17 and

            Mr. Pines is an expert on dendrites with numerous papers in the field.

            Question, What essential role (if any) do dendrites play in LENR?

          • Axil Axil


            Bumps, cracks and points (AKA dendrites )cause surface plasmon polaritons(SPP) to localize and amplify. The SPP is a EMF structure that produces chiral polarization and separation of particle spins which is the ultimate cause of the LENR reaction.

            When the density of SPPs is high enough, a SPP Bose condensate forms (Petal condensate). This is another application mechanism and it also provides energy storage, and quantum mechanical support for new LENR reaction characteristics like the conversion of gamma radiation to heat.

          • greggoble

            Thanks… helps me understand the importance of Vladimirs’ skills to the NASA LENR endeavor.
            Together GEC, PineScie, and NASA have the skills to create new types of LENR reactors, different than the one already developed (and marketed) by GEC. What Bob presents here is that many types of active agents are suitable for fuel. The NASA GRC AEC LENR group are certainly aware of this also and will most likely find this fusfis.org computer program useful.

          • greggoble

            Thinking out loud here… to more brains than one.

            Fuel usually refers to burning (chemical reaction).
            Fuel rods refers to fissioning (transmutation reaction).
            Fuel or active agent or feedstock or catalyst… is there a preferred term for LENR or are these interchangeable? LENR has both fission events and fusion events correct? (transmutation reactions). Feedstock seems to be a generic term? Catalyst seems to be a chemical reaction term?

          • Axil Axil

            All particles are chiral just like all particles have spin. Handedness is a property of spin. Even a neutron has a spin, ans so is a photon. If a particle has spin, it is chiral. A neutrino is chiral, neutrinos are all left handed because they are produced by radioactive decay through the weak force. Your body is chiral, it is left handed chiral because all living things are left handed chiral.

            Regarding: “Is a chiral particle a catalyst that chemically induces nuclear reactions?”

            Bacteria can produce nuclear reactions chemically inside their bodies becuase they can polarize electrons to left handed chirality through their metabolism.

          • Jouni Tuomela

            Sorry to intrude;
            could this be anyhow connected to strange radiation?

            “In the experiment of Krasznahorkay et al. [3], an intense
            proton beam impinges on thin 7Li targets. Given
            TABLE I. Relevant 8Be states and their masses, decay widths,
            and spin-parity and isospin quantum numbers.
            State Mass (MeV) Width (keV) J
            (18.15) 7473.00 138 1+ 0
            8Be∗0 (17.64) 7472.49 10.7 1+ 1
            8Be (g.s.) 7454.85 — 0+ 0
            the 7Li nucleus mass of 6533.83 MeV, the 8Be∗
            and 8Be∗0
            states are resonantly produced by tuning the proton kinetic
            energies to 1.025 and 0.441 MeV, respectively. The
            resulting excited states then decay promptly, dominantly
            back to p
            7Li, but also through rare electromagnetic processes.
            For 8Be∗
            , radiative decay to the ground state
            has branching ratio B(
            8Be∗ → 8Be γ) ≈ 1.4 × 10−5
            and there are also decays via internal pair conversion
            (IPC) with branching ratio B(
            8Be∗ → 8Be e
            −) ≈
            3.9 × 10−3B(
            8Be∗ → 8Be γ) ≈ 5.5 × 10−8
            For the IPC decays, one can measure the opening angle
            Θ between the e
            + and e
            − and also the invariant mass
            me+e− . One expects these distributions to be sharply
            peaked at low values of Θ and me+e− and fall smoothly
            and monotonically for increasing values. This is not what
            is seen in the 8Be∗
            decays. Instead, there are pronounced
            bumps at Θ ≈ 140◦ and at me+e− ≈ 17 MeV [3]. The
            experimental analysis fits the contributions from nearby
            broad resonances, but these cannot reproduce the shape
            of the observed excesses. The deviation has a signifi-
            cance of 6.8σ, corresponding to a background fluctuation
            probability of 5.6 × 10−12 [3]. The excess is maximal on
            the 8Be∗
            resonance and disappears as the proton beam
            energy is moved off resonance. No such effect is seen in
            IPC decays.
            The fit may be improved by postulating a new boson
            X that is produced on-shell in 8Be∗ → 8Be X and decays
            promptly via X → e
            −. The authors of Ref. [3]
            have simulated this process, including the detector energy
            resolution, which broadens the me+e− peak signifi-
            cantly [6]. They find that the observed excess’s shape and
            arXiv:1604.07411v1 [hep-ph] 25 Apr 2016
            size are beautifully fit by a new boson with mass mX =
            16.7 ± 0.35 (stat) ± 0.5 (sys) MeV and relative branching
            ratio B(
            8Be∗ → 8Be X)/B(
            8Be∗ → 8Be γ) = 5.6 × 10−6
            assuming B(X → e
            −) = 1. With these values, the fit
            had a χ
            2/dof = 1.07.”

          • Axil Axil

            This is my opinion…

            Strange radiation involves the formation of a special type of metastable molecule. The formation of this molecule involves both high pressure physics and chemistry.

            This molecule can be thought of as a quasiparticle.


            In physics, quasiparticles are emergent phenomena that occur when a microscopically complicated system behaves as if it was particle in free space.

            This quasiparticle in concept is like a robot that you have built containing all sorts of electronic and mechanical parts that acts like and looks like a rabbet.

            For all intents an purposes, your robot is a rabbit. It acts just like a rabbit. It jumps like a rabbet, It might even be soft and cuddly like a rabbit but it is not a real rabbit.


            Our LENR strange particle acts like a tachyon is expected to act. For all intents and purposes it is a tachyon but it is not a fundamental particle like and electron or a proton. It is a quasiparticle.

            The reason why it acts like a tachyon is because it supports a Bose condensate and can move around and live on it own. A Bose condensate acts like a black hole and a black hole acts like a tachyon.

        • Bob Greenyer


          • georgehants

            Morning Bob, understanding it is early days but what is the range of this effect and is it blockable in the sense that uncontrolled transmutation would be a problem?

          • Bob Greenyer

            It always seeks stability and IMHO it is implosive in nature up to the limit it is driven to. The active agent needs to be effectively prevented from ‘fading away’ as shoulders said.

            This is WHY Moray and Tesla had more success in the desert.

            This is WHY Hutchison always had his samples on an insulating base

            This is WHY shoulders contained them so that they were unable to fade, guided them with dielectrics and fed them with electrons.

            This is HOW you can KNOW you can design a ‘tamper proof’ embodiment.

  • Dr. Mike

    A very interesting presentation. It looks like you are developing a theory that is beginning to fit observed results of many experimenters. One question that you might be able to answer: Was it possible for all of the Ni in the Lugano reactor to be converted to Ni62 in the time period the reactor was run, or was the high abundance of Ni62 in the ash more likely the result of some amount of Ni62 being pre-loaded into the reactor? My rough calculations show that the Lugano reactor should have produced almost an order of more heat energy if the reactor had been loaded only with naturally occurring Ni isotopes and ended with only Ni62 being present at the end of the experiment.

    • Axil Axil

      You did not mention the transmutation of mostly lithium 7 to mostly lithium 6. No neutrons where detected so where did the neutrons go?

      Also, where did all the Ni62 neutrons come from?

    • Bob Greenyer

      Hi Dr. Mike,

      I would refer you to Adamenko’s granted 2003 Patent, Long before Rossi came on the scene, where in a single intense focused electrical strike he turned natural Nickel into predominantly 62Ni (see attached photo). I have brought this up before.

      “the anode-enhancer is placed towards the plasma cathode so that the
      center of curvature of the working surface of the anode enhancer is
      located inside the focal space of the collectively self focussing
      electron beam; and the anode-enhancer is acted upon by an electron beam
      with an electron energy not smaller than 0.2 MeV, current density not
      smaller than 106 A/cm2 and duration not greater than 100 ns.”


      The active agent wants to balance and stabalise. It does this by IMPO by re-ordering nucleons, emitting protons and at least one other method which will be the subject of a future presentation. IMPO isotope synthesis and forms of energy production, particle and radiation emissions would be able to be controlled by interrupting or skewing the reaction in a variety of ways.


      Adamenko talks about his yield, which is very significant, but he is making and breaking in an instant the active agent – this is one datapoint that leads me to the conclusion that energy, radiation can be released if the active agen is not allowed to run its course.

      • Dr. Mike


        Do you know if the energy released in Adamenko’s experiments in which the transmutations were observed is consistent with the total mass that was lost? (E=mc^2.)

        • Bob Greenyer

          He details it quite clearly in that patent, but moreso in his book.

          Also. 7li + 60,61Ni is energetically favourable with a halt at 62Ni. Waste is 6Li


          • Axil Axil

            I currently understand that the SAFIRE’s outermost double layer fusion reaction is the “purest” example of the LENR reaction. That is to say, there is no secondary reactions or reaction cascades produced.

            The chiral spin polarization produces a huge amplification of the weak force…a supercharging of isotope stabilization so that no tritium makes it through the fusion process. Tritium is stabilized to He 3 instantaneously. No radiation is seen at any time.

            Adamenko is probably producing the same sort of chiral spin polarized plasma using a powerful arc as the primary reaction type.

            As a secondary reaction, Adamenko looks like he also is produces ultra dense matter using the arc that continues to produce reactions over months.

          • Axil Axil

            You don’t mention that tungsten is also included in the pre fuel element mix. tungsten is muon food. tungsten will generate loads of muon catalyzed transmutation in ECCO fuel processing.

          • Bob Greenyer

            In the presentation on “What really is ‘New Fire’ Fuel” I mentioned that whilst we were told by Suhas Ralkar that W was used to ultrasonically mill the fuel and some was left in – there was no W above EDS confidence level in our testing.

            I also, obviously am saying that Pb is synthesised in

            1. Nature
            2. LeClaire
            3. Adameko

            Where no Pb was present before.

          • Axil Axil

            Regarding charge separation…

            When the handedness of particle spins are separated, charge separation results as per Ken Shoulders. This is what produces charge separation in the double plasma layers in SAFIRE.

            When this spin chiral separation occurs, the particle spins stay that way indefinably if left alone.

          • Axil Axil

            Regarding the explanation about why, chiral spin separation and associated charge separation forms, this theory is well established professional science theory verified by experiment.

            We have gone through this in other threads



          • Axil Axil

            Biological based radioactive isotope stabilization is based of the application of the weak force by chiral spin polarization of particles. All life is left handed spin polarized. Bacteria can setup a left handed particle (electrons?) zone in which the weak for in amplified.

            See purcell effect

            The weak force can be increased or decreased in strength base on the level of induced handedness polarization. This manipulation of particle spin handedness can be done chemically.


          • Axil Axil

            Regarding: “according to Ken Shoulders, charge clusters can shield radiation”

            Charge clusters involve the condensation of polaritons as a meta-stable construction. I beleive that the pedal condensate is the type of condensate that is involved. According to the muon rule, charge clusters will produce muons.

          • Axil Axil

            Regarding: “bringing energy in from the vacuum.”

            The polariton bose condensate thermalizes gamma radiation as an analog black hole, It brings in gammas, stores the energy, and then releases that energy either as light, muons or hawking radiation.

            Hawking radiation is thermal. When this energy is produced by the vacuum, it is restored back to the condensate as a anti photon. An anti photon is just a photon.


            so the condensate is effectively copying the photon as a virtual anti photon that is made real and restoring the newly created photon’s power back to energy storage. Any heat produced by a condensate is recopied and stored again back into the condensate.

            That copied Hawking radiation energy will exit the condensate as muons or light.

            In simple words, heat that is produced by a LENR reactor will be copied and sent to the far field as a muon or a photon of light.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Axil, you are stuck in on area here, but people should take seriously the thrust of what you are saying here.

        • Axil Axil

          There are levels or flavors in the LENR reaction that produce muons. Unless these muons are confined in a magnetic bubble, their energy content (100 MeV per muon) is lost to the far field.

          Even when a reaction looks like it is producing little heat, it could be producing huge numbers of muons.

          I suspect that the reaction underway in the LION reactor is an example of this preference for muon production. I site the production of 36,000 joules of electric current as an example. Each of those electrons came from a negative muon that decayed to an electron. That is a lot of muons.

          If the LION reaction is enclosed by a magnetic bottle, it will generate a huge amount of heat as confined muons decay inside the reactor.

          Any LENR reaction that involves a polariton Bose condense will produce copious muons.

    • Oystein Lande

      The ash sample on Lugano where only 0.2% of total ash so was likely not representative of the total.

      • Dr. Mike

        I agree that the sample of ash was definitely not representative of the total. The questions that still remains are: 1) was some Ni62 pre-loaded into the reactor with a few of these grains pulled out as the ash sample? or 2) was there a small fraction of the original Ni particles in which all Ni was converted to Ni62 while most of the Ni particles had no or very little transmutation? It seems that the simplest explanation for the Ni62 that agrees with the total energy produced is that some Ni62 was in the reactor at the beginning of the experiment.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Well, he he, if there was natural Ni, there was 3.66% nickel 62. So.

          Zone refinement
          Adamenko-like nucleon re-organisation to most desirable isotope Ni62, which he established empirically to happen.

    • Bob Greenyer


      7li + 60,61Ni is energetically favourable with a halt at 62Ni. Waste is 6Li


      • Dr. Mike

        However, even if every Li7 atom was consumed to convert the Ni into Ni62, only a small fraction of the Ni would be converted to Ni62.

        • Bob Greenyer

          As I have said several times, the table is not the whole story, as Parkhomov well knows, this is a gross simplification. In the Presentation


          I make the case that the 0-6.7MeV protons that Piantelli observed empirically (also after long periods post experiment) were examples of those being ejected as part of an on-going balancing act that the active agent does when it is progressing to higher mass isotopes – since as one progresses to heavier element isotopes you need more neutrons.

          The continuing process observed by Piantelli, Hutchison, Adamenko, myself (in ECCO fuel) and others all support Shoulders claim that the active agent can be stored in metals indefinitely until intentionally blown up. Shoulders does state that if not stored in the right way, they will fade and die – I have the view this is effectively a discharging process, which is why I think that the ECCO fuel, stored in an insulator, remained highly active for so long, but as it destroyed the containment integrity, it started to drop in activity.

          Piantelli, Shoulders, Adamenko have all stated in their own way, and I agree, that there are bulk transmutations going on.

          Therefore there may be no loss of nucleons and release of mass energy from their decay. There will be kinetic energy of protons.

  • Axil Axil

    At 44:29, the LENR active agent seen in ECCO is a ultra dense hydride that will produce strange radiation tracks. Since it is a superconductor, it is metastable and retain its activity for months if allowed to extract energy from matter.

  • Axil Axil

    The LENR agent that produces transmutation is muons. There are a number of sources that can generate muons. These are ultra dense hydrides, polariton Bose condensates, and chiral polarized plasma interacting with metal.

    Strange radiation is produced by ultra dense hydrides only. Ultra dense hydrides carry polariton Bose condensates on its surface.

    Polariton Bose condensates can be produced by excited metal surfaces and metal nanoparticles.

  • Bob Greenyer

    It will help you, it is part of the puzzle. I am doing the best I can to make it as simple and verifyable as possible. There is no maths in any of these presentations – just correlations between empirical evidence. eg.

    Experimenters R,S,T all see massive synthesis of lead and strange radiation tracks and excess energy production.

    Experimenter U uses Pb and O to make elements / Alchemists used Pb and O to make elements

  • georgehants

    Mark, you are just in the same position as most of us and certainly 99.9% of the scientific community, the difference between us and most of them is, we are open-mindedly waiting for the knowledge, whereas the majority of the establishment etc. are frightened stiff to even consider the Evidence.

  • Jouni Tuomela
    • georgehants

      Jouni, very interesting, hope you get some answers soon.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Good find Jouni and yes – very relevant.

      This is Excellent verification of both LeClaire / Nanospire (who also often used laser pulses for cavitation), and Suhas Ralkar fuel processing. Both have cavitation, though I believe that Nanospire’s / Ralkar’s approach of having the bubble collapse asymmetrically against a ridged lattice, resulting in the bubble forming a ‘spire’ is more energetic and active due to induce helicity not present in symmetric collapse.

      As I have said in previous presentations, I believe that the accelerated protons are those that are ejected from, in Adamenkos words, the “electron-nucleon macro-cluster” as heavier elements are formed which need to loose protons to ensure stability.

  • Bob Greenyer


    In a previous blog


    you can see I calculated the atomic volume and it matched the Russian encyclopedia (attached copy of chart)


    What I actually want to do, is work with Stoyan Sarg this summer and produce a “Nucleus distortion of the physical vacuum chart” for all elements – and ideally all stable isotopes – This would, IMPO, be a much better metric than the old soviet atomic volume chart – this kind of fails a little on noble gasses etc.

    I think people need to spend a little time thinking about WHY over 33 years, Kenneth shoulders did the following on naming what he considered the active agent, especially in context with all the things I have been sharing since September 2017.

    1. Latin for “Strong Electron” was his first name.

    2. Charge Cluster ( Recognising that it is not just electrons, but also entrained positive ions of any element)

    3. Exotic Vacuum Objects

    Think long and hard about WHY he settled on the last name… What is he trying to tell those that follow.

    Yes there is an intermediate state. It is confined. On the term “Crystalise” it is clear you have been following the O Day hints and media – more on this in coming presentations, things will become increasingly obvious. Yes to favourable isotope that balances both inputs and the level of ‘drive’.

    EVOs are massively harvested by planes naturally. In this last blog, I Mentioned how Ancient Mexican Alchemists, Moray, Tesla captured, grew and deployed them. You can listen to this Soundcloud where the interviewee reveals how planes need to be discharged after they land and how a device was developed to capture ‘Muons’, Cough, ah hem….


    We don’t talk about the event here.

  • Bob Greenyer
  • georgehants

    Transmutation, Tachyons, Strange Radiation etc. etc. the holy priests of science and their followers must be shaking in their boots seeing their stone age science that they have enforced so long falling apart.
    Link below just to annoy them further —–
    Ancient Origins
    Reconstructing the origins of humanity’s past
    27 May, 2018 – 19:00
    Vanamali Mataji
    Maya: Science Only Acknowledges Now What Ancient Sages Knew About Reality 5000 Years Ago
    Maya is a word which is very familiar to the western world, but very few
    know what it actually means. It is a word which was used by the rishis
    (sages) of ancient India to describe the nature of this universe of
    changing forms. The rishis have always been telling us that matter is
    not as real or as solid as we think. It is only an illusion projected by
    our senses. They called It “maya” or the magical creative power of the

    • Bob Greenyer

      My first daughter is called Maya phonetically for this reason – spelt Mya

    • Axil Axil

      We are not doing science here. This is not a question of science. It is a reverse engineering process whereby existing systems are analyzed to determine how they operates. Even the builders of these systems oftentimes do not understand how they work. usually, these builders have stumbled onto these system by chance and are trying to perfect them using trial and error methods. The goal in the reverse engineering process is to find common mechanisms that might improves the operation of these systems in general. This exercise is also a method of documenting the operation principles of these systems that have been deduced so that they are not lost as usually happens in this area of LENR.

      • georgehants

        Axil, perhaps you could advise what the process that you describe is if it is not to be classed as science?
        Reverse engineering I think is science.
        If one understands what one is doing or not, it would still I think be classed as science as it is the only method of gaining knowledge.

        • Axil Axil

          As I see things, reverse engineering is a part of system engineering. I made my living as a system’s engineer and often worked for customers that would take me into a dusty back room in their office that nobody has been in for years and then show me a box in the corner with blinking lights of many colors and say to me, “We have just signed a new contract and we have new requirements that absolutely must be met and this is a 20 year old system that must now meet those requirements”. I would say “were is the documentation for this system?”. They would say ” we trashed them 2 years ago”. I would say “How does the system work? They would say “We don’t know, we are sales people”. I would say ” who has worked on this system or knows how it works?” They would say “We laid them all off last year”. I would say “were is the code?” They would say “nobody knows”. They would then say “by the way, this effort needs to be completed by a date certain or we must pay a fine of N thousand dollars a day.” I would then say ” this sounds like a lot of fun, I can’t wait to start.”

          • georgehants

            Axil, your science writing on page is I think remarkable and I find that far more important than my going any further with my personal definition of what science is.
            I look forward to reading much more of your Wonderful interpretations and thinking.
            Best George

          • gerold.s

            I would say as an former SAP consultant. Never touch a running system. Build a new one. 😉

      • Bob Greenyer

        Respectfully Axil, interpreting results, forming a hypothesis to guide future experimentation, is science.

        • Axil Axil

          I stand corrected.

          • Bob Greenyer

            I’m regularly wrong, it helps me keep perspective.

            But we are trying.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Yes, still hinting, you will know why when it comes. I can only do it this way given my resources and available time.

    Putting over half a decade of hard thinking on a lifetimes experience over in a simple way is not a trivial matter – even if I had no life.

    Moreover – it will need people to have read around each aspect otherwise it will be simply too much. Without the support of the lead in presentations, most people presented with O Day would be faced with some very difficult mental roadblocks.

  • greggoble

    Overjoyed… Just can’t get enough of this! Great presentation and expressive hands.

    The hybrid fusion fission LENR reactor developed by GEC fits into this nicely, I wish they share some fuel and ash for analysis.

    Fus/Fis? (fusion/fission)

    It’s LENR energy technology. Looking at the nano nuclear reactive environment. Here we have the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Quantum Heat Org efforts attaining an important benchmark for the field of LENR energy technologies… A theoretical tool useful for analysis and applied engineering (design) of the nano nuclear reactive environs of LENR reactor chambers inner workings.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Hi Greg,

      Would be nice to have the ash for data points – what data shows is that, whilst some things are possible, actual results under known parameters are specific – and that helps engineer this.

      The name of the site was based off the name of Dr. Alexander Parkhomov original XLS “FusFis.xls” that he shared of his calculations based on all reactions that have net positive outcome from 1>2, 2>2, 2>1

      Programming talent provided by Phillip Power and Denis Lamotte.

      • greggoble

        On your theory of the creation of elements… will this be presented in the respective field(s)? Is it an original thought? Do you have a geo-physicist on your team? A normal day in the life of Bob… bucking established science… which is science!

        Wikipedia (for what it’s worth) Gold is thought to have been produced in supernova nucleosynthesis, and from the collision of neutron stars, and to have been present in the dust from which the Solar System formed. Because the Earth was molten when it was formed, almost all of the gold present in the early Earth probably sank into the planetary core.

        • Bob Greenyer

          I will say what I feel and sense and let the chips lay where they may. I have never seen anything similar and I have looked for 40 years – however, Parkhomov released his tables that where developed to set against his years of transmutation data after my presentation which was suggesting a similar mechanism – synchronicity – at the time Alexander said

          “It is good that our independent studies lead to similar conclusions.”

          What is a supernova, what is the mechanism? Are we sure?

          How does an exploding thing make dense things? Are we sure?

          Did you see the planets form from dust? Are we sure that’s what happened?

          O Day will be hard to accept for many…
          You will see more commentary on gold in coming months as time and resources permits. Work already done.

  • georgehants

    Physicists invent a Back to the Future-style flux capacitor but it won’t be used for time travel
    For those with better things to do than re-watch Back to the Future
    over the bank holiday weekend, the film’s time-travelling DeLorean
    works because of an entirely fictional piece of technology called a flux
    We say fictional, but a group of scientists has now
    proposed a device that uses the quantum tunneling of magnetic flux,
    around a capacitor, to break time-reversal symmetry. One of the proposed
    circuits is even modeled on the three-pronged design of the flux
    capacitor in the 1985 film.
    Technically, the research published this week in Physical Review Letters
    can be called a flux capacitor but don’t expect it to enable time
    travel. The research could instead be used to create a new generation of
    electronic circulators – devices that control the direction of movement
    for microwave signals.
    The work is the result of collaboration between the Australian Centre for
    Engineered Quantum Systems (EQUS) and the Australian Centre for Future
    Low-Energy Electronics Technologies (FLEET).
    “We propose two different possible circuits, one of which resembles the iconic
    three-pointed-star design of the cinematic flux capacitor,” said FLEET
    associate investigator professor Jared Cole.
    “In it, quantum ‘tubes’ of magnetic flux can move around a central capacitor by a
    process known as quantum tunneling, where they overcome classically
    insurmountable obstacles.”
    Read more

  • Bob Greenyer

    Not all lightning produces persistent ball-lightning.

    Not all LeClaire experiments worked.

    Not all Rossi replications worked

    Not all Celani replications worked

    … You get the drift.

    LION had Transmutations (Zr) and possibly (to be confirmed) Cr>Mn>Fe and Strange radiation (best ever images) – it is on the list.

  • Gerard McEk

    Hi Bob, thank you for the interesting presentation!
    A question relating this: the distribution of Phosphorus, evenly around the surface of the earth in minute quantities has always puzzled me. Plants need it to grow. I assume that fusion between oxigen and nitrogen in lightning strikes may be the reason that it is so beautifully and evenly distributed. What does Parkhomov’s model predict and can lighting strikes be the cause of this phosphorus in the thin bio-layer of the earth surface?

    • Bob Greenyer

      Pleasure – Part of a series, just takes a lot of time to get them together.

      Parkhomov’s data just shows reactions that have a net positive yield regardless of process. There was no attached theory.

      It is these distribution questions that have haunted me since reading a volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica when I was 5. In fact, it is the only persistent question I had from the exercise.

      We observed P production in ‘Bang!’, which was an experiment that went from Parkhomov fuel to Air in an instant.

      It is standard George Ohsawa reaction


      Though the reactions with N and O are combinations of rare isotopes – so maybe fusions with

      H (from water) and Si from ground is more likely in to ground discharges, since there is LOTS of both even though only natural Si 3.09% is Si30, that is enough given that it is everywhere.


      Given that this is a H fusion reaction, and we know that bacteria and life can do

      K > Ca (Kervran)
      Cs137 + 1H > Ba139 (Vysotskii / Korlinova)
      Mn > Fe (Vysotskii / Korlinova)

      Maybe life itself

      Lightning strikes for certain. Using common element pairs leads to P + P


      This is a subset of very many nucleon exchange reactions


      and a few fission


      All possible IMPO with the active agent.

      This understanding and the tool should help resolve many mysteries. It was not just flora and Fauna that evolved – the elemental composition of the earth did too.

      • Gerard McEk

        Thanks Bob for the extensive answer.
        If there is enough energy (and a lighning strike may have that) O+N->P may be possible?
        On the other hand I saw that O+O->H+P +7.6774 MeV is one with a positive yield and maybe equally likely, or are reactions with a positive yield more likely then those with a negative yield?

        • Bob Greenyer

          As I said in my post, George rarely saw P, but did on occasion. We did not see it in our first NOVA basic run


          And as I said above, I think that it is due to the isotopes needed are rare, not as George assumed, the boiling point.

          I think, as I said above is may be due to water/silicon and lightening – a VERY LIKELY occurrance.

          A high yield in the reactions established by Parkhomov is a sign of lower distortion in the physical vacuum, which means, it is desirable IMPO.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Show me a strange radiation track that does not have its genesis in this or related fields.

    I have studied the input materials, barring the well described Kanthal A1 which I now have a sample of to test when I can.

    • Bruce__H

      So your answer is no … you have not compared the remains of active LION reactors to those of non-active ones or ever looked for “strange radiation” tracks in LION controls.

      On seeing your request to show you (I am paraphrasing) ‘strange radiation tracks that do not have a genesis in this or related fields’, I went and googled “sem tracks metal”. I got all sort of images that look to me like the sorts of things you have been getting excited about. I expect that if I googled something about tracks in plastic films I would get something similar. “Strange radiation” tracks seem to be anything you want as long as they justify your preconceptions.

      Your work is distinguished by the constant provision of intriguing hints without ever nailing things down. The LION 3 vs LION 1 anti-jewel video is just the same. You have noticed a coincidence in appearance between 2 unrelated things but beyond that I have no idea what you are suggesting. Do you predict that dental film on the anti-jewel will produce an image like the LION 1 result? This I would like to see.

      X-ray images might become persuasive if they are repeatable. I would need to see multiple images, first demonstrating that you get the same result from the same structure for different pieces of film and then showing that active reactors give these images and dummy reactors don’t.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Do you have anything to say about the fact that Adamenko, LeClaire and Ralkar all observed the same things?

        Do you have anything to say that Tom Claytor, LANL, came up to me excited after my Asti presentation last year and said they were seeing the same things?

        Do you have anything to say that, as I found out today, George Miley observed the same pattern of transmutations in in work leading to a paper published in 1996 and that samples analysed by Ed Lewis showed SR tracks?

        Don’t you think it curious that George Miley is an advisor to Adamenkos new oerganisation in the US

        Dos’t it peak your interest that George Miley started following our social media feed after my recent presentations?

        • David_Kaiser_39

          I’m following the conversation during the last four days. I watched the one hour video presentation of Bob. I can’t understand anymore as it was very, very technical (i’m a business economist, whatever that means). I told some of my engineering friends (some of them local people here in UAE, working at ADNOC, the biggest petroleum company) about “O” day, a month ago. Again, the same doubting reaction from everyone. I’m used to it, for many years. It bothers me, of course. I cannot present and explain something I don’t fully understand. Just talking about Torus’, COP’s or Element transmutations without really knowing what I’m talking about is not very convincing. I know something will happen, I keep my fingers crossed and I’m thinking of the best way how I can position myself to support the possible upcoming developments in a good way because I somehow believe it will be important in the future, for all of us. Let’s see.

          • gerold.s

            What for sure will happen, IF LENR is becoming real in practical energy applications is that oil producing countries should already have thought about a new business model. Otherwise it will get uncomfortable.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Basically, the world is locally always trying to seek balance.

            Minerals have done this over millions of years.

            Hutchison calls his process, in some cases, ‘accelerated ageing’

            The active agent balances what it can within its sphere of influence – its portfolio if you will – It’s kind of a hedge fund trying to get a net positive return.

            To influence outcomes, you can put in specific ingredients to skew a result. Given a set of ingredients there may be more likely products.

          • LION

            Interesting observation- balance requires awareness which needs information. I like Kip Thorne’s ideas about information and Gravity.

          • georgehants

            Lion, Bob, are we in any way talking about consciousness being able to influence this balance?

          • LION

            Hi georgehants, for me the answer is an unequivical YES.

          • georgehants


          • Bob Greenyer

            Hi George, for me the answer is an unequivocal YES.

          • georgehants


        • Bob Greenyer

          Here is the video segment I was referring to about Tom Claytor, also, I have given you a lead in to think about.


  • Bob Greenyer

    L3 was successful – but he did not take it to destruction – that was the experiment where he honed the distance from an intact run core to expose Dentafilm the best (by having film at different distances) and provided the structured x-rays
, that I now have, one of which is shown in this video


    He then had some major construction works on his building where he conducts experiments and so he had to pause. He has in recent weeks received a new set of reactor parts and consumables and is preparing for a new run.

    • Bruce__H

      The very best thing that LION could do right now is to provide a working reactor to an independent group so that they can replicate his findings. LION’s own results are fragmentary and unconvincing. In particular, I don’t think that he is very conversant with how the Looking for Heat test bed is supposed to work (and why should he be?). He should take advantage of the expertise out there.

      • Bob Greenyer

        He has committed to have it independently tested, and my conversations with him this week support that.

  • Bob Greenyer

    He has also, below, just made public that he took a fragment from outside L1 – heated to 800ºC for 8 hours, cooled it and then exposed some film to it for several months in concert with layers of gold, silver and Magnets. It would appear that he has observed a number of strange radiation tracks.

    Piantelli observed ejections 3 weeks after an experiment. SR was coming out of ECCO fuel for months (probably still is!, little scary that stuff) and Shoulders said that EVOs can stay in metals indefinitely until deliberately triggerred.

    This is interesting, since there is a lot of the outside of L1 and I can prepare samples for people to conduct similar tests.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I think that People should read the recent writings of Ed Lewis on LENR-Forum


    Also, one of his references is very interesting… It is a 1996 paper from George Miley who is now an advisor on S.V.Adamenko’s US venture


    in it he reports

    – Synthesis of Pb, as in examples given in the presentation
    – Production of Zr (Z=40) and Sn as in ECCO Fuel
    – Massive synthesis of Fe, Cu and Zn – as observed in Hutchison samples



    I think it would be very interesting to do a study of this data with the FusFis.org data.

  • georgehants

    Russian Scientists Develop Unique “Trap for Light”
    Based at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, a research team
    led by Prof. Yuri Rakovich has developed a tunable micro-resonator for
    hybrid energy states between light and matter using light to control the
    chemical and biological properties of molecules.

  • Bob Greenyer

    What is time?

  • Hello Bob,

    As always, there is a wealth of absorbing material in this, your latest post and I’ll be spending long hours studying it – quite apart from the time I have just been prompted to spend producing the second version of my own database implementation of Dr Parhomov’s remarkable spreadsheets.

    Denis LaMotte’s work is excellent, as you said, and I have unashamedly borrowed some of his ideas for my own second version. In this, I have added a Fusion and a Fission table to the old one (which I’ve now renamed “TwoToTwo”) and each of these three programs has menu links to the other two (as Denis’ has, also).

    Each of the three new programs has the same left and right columns as well as the main, central results table. The leftmost column (following your original suggestion) is a table of all the element names, Z’s and symbols in the Periodic Table. The rightmost column is the full list of “Considered Isotopes”, as Denis calls them (Dr Parkhomov’s first sheet). So those two tables can serve as constant “crib sheets” in each of the three main programs.

    Each implementation has its own strengths and weaknesses and I think they should complement each other, nicely. Denis’ tables are very handy and easy to use and re-use – and I have made and am still making plenty of use of them, myself. I think my own tables still have an edge when it comes to at least partly exploiting the power of SQL (in the still limited way I’m allowing in this version). But, to use that extra power, users also need to have a good grasp of SQL.

    Anyway, to see the three tables you can click on any one of them and then use the (same) menu at the top of each.
    – so, to kick it off, just click on http://www.thinktankreport.com/Fusion.php

    As before, feedback from yourself and the whole ECW gang will be most welcome!

    • Bob Greenyer

      This is very good work Phillip, from a first glance I like it, need to give it a bug run.

      Moving froward from here will be a big challenge. As I said at the start of this process, I’d like users to be able to put in fuel and/or ash and based on isotope ratios and depth of results and branching it might predict outcomes or likely paths.

      I am trying to work with Stoyan Sarg on producing a ‘Nucleus distortion of the physical Vacuum’ table for every isotope which I would like to add to the dataset when done. I believe this will be a better guide than the more rudimentary atomic volume – since atomic volume is based on an average of all an elements isotopes and its molecular / lattice status including electrons under set conditions.

      • – Roger that. I’ll take a look at Stoyan Sarg’s work shortly but here is one more program for you to take a sneak peak at: http://www.thinktankreport.com/AllTables.php

        – In this one, I’m taking a deep breath and allowing everyone to use all 4 Parkhomov tables and the simple Periodic Table in a complete SQL command. The only restriction now is on any of the SQL command words that can change the tables.

        The banned word list is: “alter, create, delete, drop, grant, insert, modify, open, password, privileges, protected, rename, revoke, root, set, show, trigger, truncate, update, use, users”. BUT, if anyone knows of any other destructive SQL words, please let me know, ASAP!!

        But, aside from that, anyone with a good grasp of SQL, should be able to extract any and all possible information from this program. Granted, many mathematically possible SQL commands may not make logical sense but I’m hoping that you and the SQL-smart gang can get that extra bit out of Dr Parkhomov’s data!

  • greggoble

    Perhaps relevant to LENR…

    “Neutrinos are among the most abundant particles in the universe,” said Yale University physicist Karsten Heeger, principal investigator and co-spokesperson for PROSPECT. “The discovery of neutrino oscillation has opened a window to physics beyond the Standard Model of Physics. The study of antineutrinos with PROSPECT allows us to search for a previously unobserved particle, the so-called sterile neutrino, while probing the nuclear processes inside a reactor.”

    • Bob Greenyer

      Yes – this is important.

      • greggoble

        In 1942 ORNL was birthed to harness nuclear energy,,,

        A full read of its’ history, capabilities and present day importance is worth a bit of study… I imagine major LENR technologies will emerge from ORNL.

        One pertinent branch of ORNL is… https://www.ornl.gov/facility/cnms

        The Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences(CNMS) was the first to open of the five Nanoscale Science Research Centers the United States Department of Energy sponsors. The Center’s location is in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The CNMS is a collaborative nanoscience user research facility for the synthesis, characterization, theory/ modeling/ simulation, and design of nanoscale materials and is co-located with Spallation Neutron Source.

        The town of Oak Ridge was established by the Army Corps of Engineers as part of the Clinton Engineer Works in 1942 on isolated farm land as part of the Manhattan Project.[11] During the war, advanced research for the government was managed at the site by the University of Chicago. In 1943, construction of the “Clinton Laboratories” was completed, later renamed to “Oak Ridge National Laboratory”.[11] The site was chosen for the X-10 Graphite Reactor, used to show that plutonium can be created from enriched uranium. Enrico Fermi and his colleagues developed the world’s second self-sustaining nuclear reactor after Fermi’s previous experiment, the Chicago Pile-1. The X-10 was the first reactor designed for continuous operation.[12] After the end of World War II the demand for weapons-grade plutonium fell and the reactor and the laboratory’s 1000 employees were no longer involved in nuclear weapons,[11][13] instead it was used for scientific research.[12] In 1946 the first medical isotopes were produced in the X-10 reactor, by 1950 almost 20,000 samples had been shipped to various hospitals.[12][13] As the demand for military science had fallen dramatically the future of the lab was uncertain. Management of the lab was contracted by the US government to Monsanto, however, they withdrew in 1947.[13] The University of Chicago re-assumed responsibility, until in December 1947 Union Carbide and Carbon Co., which already operated two other facilities at Oak Ridge, took control of the laboratory and Alvin Weinberg was named Director of Research ORNL, and in 1955 Director of the Laboratory.[13][14] -end WIKI quote

        gbgoblenote In 1989, with the announcement of nuclear dense energy found in a jar, a U.S. nuclear ‘LENR Manhattan Project’ was initiated in the field of cold fusion/low energy nuclear reaction research and applied technology. Advanced LENR technology and engineering, now emerging from U.S. agencies, rivals all other energy sources. https://gbgoble.kinja.com/u-s-lenr-manhattan-project-u-s-advanced-lenr-techno-1586883119

        • Richard Hill

          Greg: I looked at your article on kinja. Very, very, impressive. Couldnt paste a comment there, but I ask, how come your well documented govt activity hasnt been picked up by science journalists and appeared in places like the “New Scientist”?

          • greggoble

            Thank you,

            The timing of the article/compilation couldn’t have been better. I’m grateful for the information supplied by a few members at LENR Forum. Plough through the dross and actually find a couple of gems. My assumption that advanced LENR energy applied engineering for non radioactive nuclear flight is the thrust of U.S. government funded LENR is strengthened by the papers presented by GEC at ICCF21 and the recent NASA contracts. After quite a bit of study and feedback from others more knowledgable, I am beginning to understand, as a layman, why the computer model developed by Vladimir Pines is essential for the AEC project. A question: “Is this then the first working theoretical model/tool for advanced engineering of various nuclear reactive agents/environs for the design of LENR reactors?” I expect the answer will come to us over the next year or so… It’s on the minds of quite a few attendees of ICCF21.

            I have done quite a bit of outreach to science journalists and leaders in the LENR arena. They are aware of recent claims made by GEC… “GEC is currently negotiating several new SMG construction contracts ranging from 250MWe to 5GWe around the world.” Imagine 5GWe supplied to numerous advanced Hall Thrusters on one interplanetary spacecraft… Mars in 20 to 25 days with continuous thrust. (see 2017 NASA Glenn Research Center’s Hall Effect Thruster (HET) Life Extension Invention). NASA’s dream of non radioactive high power electric space travel will soon be realized.

            I look forward to articles written by professional journalists, I’ll send a note out to New Scientist now. Feel free to share the review with other news agencies… There has never been a better time for LENR activism, inform and educate.

            This is big news and further developments will be forthcoming; surely according to the market entry plans of GEC and NASA. I expect this to be sooner than later; as it seems the cat’s out of the bag on this one so to speak,

            Chapter two of the review is the best part…
            LENR at the NASA Glenn Research Center AEC Effort (advanced energy conversion) https://gbgoble.kinja.com/lenr-at-the-nasa-glenn-research-center-aec-effort-alte-1823892680
            Chapter one provides a historical perspective.

            Fresh leads and edit suggestions are always appreciated.

            Brian called me about this a few weeks ago, I added it to the review… Thanks Brian.

            2017 NASA GRC AEC PineScie Award FBO DAILY – FEDBIZOPPS ISSUE OF AUGUST 11, 2017 FBO #5740

            ed note – The NASA PineScie contract has the following (seems it was redacted) modification.

            7/13/17 Supplemental Agreement For Work Within Scope



    • Andreas Moraitis

      This company claims to explore the use of neutrinos as a potential energy source:


      I am not aware of the details, though. There have been speculations about a possible connection to an old German patent. (You might find the information on this blog if you dig deep enough).

      At least, they have an interesting Scientific Advisory Board. According to former versions of the website, Stephen Hawking was one of its members. Seemingly, also Mikhail Gorbatchev supported the company in the past.

      • greggoble

        Thanks Andreas…

        I appreciate the info, it helps as I work towards understanding.

  • georgehants

    Quantum physics can help explain much of the world’s suffering
    Quantum physics is the science that describes nature at its smallest
    atomic levels. But tiny subatomic happenings can have huge effects:
    Quantum theory describes the universe as one giant entangled system,
    where what happens in one corner of the world can simultaneously effect
    something else across the globe. While physically separate, humans and
    the world they live in are fundamentally inseparable, according to a
    quantum model of the universe.
    It is therefore both unsurprising and yet paradoxical that populism—a
    political movement that supports the rights and power of ordinary
    citizens against a ruling elite—has sprung up across the globe.
    Unsurprising because a quantum perspective would tell us that a populist
    movement in one country could directly impact, even cause, one in
    another. And paradoxical because today’s populism is dividing peoples
    and states with an “us” versus “them” mentality, even though the basis
    of quantum physics—the very phenomenon that allows us to explain this
    current wave of populism—supports a holistic vision of the world.
    Read more

    • causal observer

      Good thing that physics is complete, otherwise people would use this as an excuse to reopen the case for homeopathy.

      • georgehants

        causal, ha, that would annoy the holy priests more than transmutation, the Evidence for homeopathy is good, but the closed-minded establishment and followers continue their incompetent denial and biased research and still laughably try to call themselves scientists
        In late 2011, the Swiss government’s report on homeopathic medicine
        represents the most comprehensive evaluation of homeopathic medicine
        ever written by a government and was just published in book form in
        English (Bornhoft and Matthiessen, 2011). This breakthrough report
        affirmed that homeopathic treatment is both effective and cost-effective
        and that homeopathic treatment should be reimbursed by Switzerland’s
        national health insurance program.
        Read more

  • Bob Greenyer

    If this was easy, it would be done already.

  • Toussaint françois

    Great link ! Thank you !

  • georgehants

    Live Science
    Strange News
    There Are Two Kinds of Water in Every Glass, Thanks to Quantum Physics
    May 31, 2018 04:12pm ET
    In every glass of water you drink, there are two kinds of H2O. And
    scientists have shown that they have significantly different chemical
    All water molecules are made of a single bulky oxygen atom and two smaller hydrogen atoms,
    sticking up at angles like Mickey Mouse ears. But those hydrogen atoms
    can be arranged in two different ways, based on their quantum spin.
    (Spin is a trait of quantum particles that’s a bit like real balls
    spinning, but involves extra dimensions and can have only one of a few
    discrete momentums.) In the first kind of water, called “ortho-water,”
    both hydrogens spin in the same direction. In the second kind of water,
    called “para-water,” the hydrogen atoms spin in different directions.
    Spin usually affects the behavior of particles only on the minute
    quantum scale, which has long prevented scientists from separating them
    for experiments. [The Surprisingly Strange Physics of Water]
    This experiment, they wrote, represents a major step toward
    understanding how an abstract physical concept like quantum spin
    influences the chemical reactions that go on all around us, including inside our bodies.
    Read more

  • Bob Greenyer

    If you had an experiment that produced over 2MeV per atom… would you be excited?

  • Bob Greenyer

    If you had an experiment that produced over 2MeV per atom… would you be excited?


    • Andreas Moraitis

      Depends, among others, on the amount of energy that you need to pump into your system and the reaction rate.

      • Bob Greenyer

        A slow reaction rate at that yield is a good thing.

        • Andreas Moraitis

          “Reaction rate” is also used with regard to the ‘speed’ of a reaction, but this time I was referring to the number of reacting atoms, divided by the total number of atoms. Or did you perhaps mean an average of 2 MeV for all atoms in the sample?

          • Bob Greenyer

            Average for all non-gaseous.

          • Andreas Moraitis

            That would be huge. Any figures regarding the COP?

          • Bob Greenyer


    • Frost*

      Are you able to expand on this experiment? Is it a MFMP effort or known third party?

      • Bob Greenyer

        Known third part, with implications for other third parties. Preparing report.

        • artefact

          Nice 🙂

  • greggoble

    Interesting from Finland… June 2, 2018

    LSND anomaly is here again!

    Sabine Hossenfelder told about the finding of MinibooNe collaboration described in arXiv.org preprint Observation of a Significant Excess of Electron-Like Events in the MiniBooNE Short-Baseline Neutrino Experiment. https://www.sciencenews.org/article/mysterious-neutrino-surplus-hints-existence-new-particles

    The findings give strong support for old and forgotten LSND anomaly – forgotten because it is in so blatant conflict with the standard model wisdom. The significance level of the anomaly is 6.1 sigmas in the new experiment. 5 sigma is regarded as the threshold for a discovery. It is nice to see this fellow again: anomalies are the theoreticians best friends.

    To me this seems like a very important event from the point of view of standard model and even theoretical particle physics: this anomaly with other anomalies raises hopes that the patient could leave the sickbed after illness that has lasted for more than four decades after it became a victim of the GUT infection.

    LSND as also other experiments are consistent with neutrino mixing model. LSND however produces electron excess as compared to other neutrino experiments. Anomaly means that the parameters of the neutrino mixing matrix (masses, mixing angles, phases) are not enough to explain all experiments.

    One manner to explain the anomaly would be fourth “inert” neutrino having no couplings to electroweak bosons. TGD predicts both right and left-handed neutrinos and right-handed ones would not couple electroweakly. In massivation they would however combine to single massive neutrino just like in Higgs massivation Higgs gives components for massive gauge bosons and only neutral Higgs having no coupling to photon remains. Therefore this line of thought does not seem terribly promising in TGD framework.

    For many years ago I explained the LSND neutrino anomaly in TGD framework as being due to the fact that neutrinos can correspond to several p-adic mass scales. p-Adic mass scale coming as power of 21/2 would bring in the needed additional parameter. The new particles could be ordinary neutrinos with different p-adic mass scales. The neutrinos used in experiment would have p-adic length scale depending on their origin. Lab, Earth’s atmosphere, Sun, … It is possible that the neutrinos transform during their travel to less massive neutrinos.

    What is intriguing that the p-adic length scale range that can be considered as candidates for neutrino Compton lengths is biologically extremely interesting. This range could correspond to the p-adic length scales L(k)∼ 2(k-151)/2L(151), k= 151,157, 163, 167, varying from cell membrane thickness 10 nm to 2.5 μm. These length scales correspond to Gaussian Mersennes MG,k=(1+i)k-1. The appearance of four of 4 Gaussian Mersennes in such a short length scale interval is a number theoretic miracle. Could neutrinos or their dark variants with heff= n× h0 (h= 6× h0 is the most plausible option at this moment, see this and this) together with dark variants weak bosons effectively massless below their Compton length have a fundamental role in quantum biology?

    For the TGD based new physics and also for LSND anomaly see chapter New Particle Physics Predicted by TGD: Part I of “p-Adic physics”.

    For a summary of earlier postings see Latest progress in TGD.

    Articles and other material related to TGD.

    • Toussaint françois

      Great link ! thank you !

      • greggoble

        Karsten Heeger is a Professor of Physics and Director of the Wright Laboratory at Yale University. His research focuses on the study of neutrino oscillations and neutrino mass.
        Awards & Honors
        2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
        Co-recipient for work on SNO, KamLAND, and Daya Bay experiments.
        “For the fundamental discovery and exploration of neutrino oscillations, revealing a new frontier beyond, and possibly far beyond, the standard model of particle physics” Video clip from ceremony: https://youtu.be/z1WUYTAIBwI.

  • stuart

    I just stumbled across this video on you tube while looking into scalar waves and there is some very interesting deep concepts discussed, on the formation of matter, standing waves, vortices, Victor Schaulberger, Ken Shoulders, Tesla, just to name a few…I thought it may interest some on this forum ahead of ‘O’ day.


  • Bob Greenyer

    2 MeV


    A discussion / analysis of key experiments run by Dr Alexander Parkhomov Data.

    Presentation slides here


    • stuart

      Would the Lion reactor benefit from swapping the Quartz tube to Boron Nitride and running at a temperature above 1500oC?

      • Bob Greenyer

        Different system but maybe.

        LION is just fine and has done so much already to help understanding LENR – sequential replication by the claimant is an important achievement and maybe there is some system specific attribute that is not obvious that has prevented early attempts at external replication – but changing the core approach is not advisable.

        Interestingly in Mitchel Shwartz presentation here at ICCF21, he said over-loaded Nickel will NEVER produce excess heat.

        Directly following what is known about APs work here is a better path than a hybrid.

        • gerold.s

          Hi Bob,

          Bye the way I have received following feedback form @Axil when using boron nitrid for a LENR reactor core. (BN)

          “….Boron nitride is a compound that is highly resistant to the transmutation effects of the LENR reaction because it is highly MRI active. …”



          • Bob Greenyer

            As I say in the presentation, from Wikipedia, Ni will surely have reacted with BN after 1500ºC, since the reactor core is at 1700ºC, the Ni will have relieved some of the BN of its B and axils comment does not apply.

            Moreover, our Celani replications with and without Borosilicate glass support the hypothisis that B is important – as does the use of Macor in Francesco Piantelli / Focardis classic experiment.

          • Axil Axil

            The fusion of elements may be a secondary reaction. The production of gallium may be caused by sub atomic particles that are produced by the primary reaction. Boron may be resistant to the primary reaction but not to the secondary reaction…muon catalyzed fusion.

          • Bob Greenyer

            It is a single isotope of Ga

          • Axil Axil

            In the video, you showed that fusion of nickel, hydrogen, and boron will produce Ga69. The primary LENR reaction will produce Ni62 because that isotope is very resistant to the primary reaction. The primary reaction is the breakdown of the intra-quark flux tubes that are keeping the quarks together. But both boron and nickel-62 is susceptible to the secondary reaction…muon catalyzed fusion.

            The primary reaction produces a residue of reaction resistant elements that provide the feed-stock for the secondary reaction. The fact that a single isotope of Ga69 is proof that there is a selection underway of reaction resistant elements that feed into the fusion process.

          • gerold.s

            Would it then be possible to contain the secondary reaction with a magnetic bottle to protect the LENR reactor

          • Axil Axil

            The muons are charged particles. These charged particles can be isolated to the axial center line of the reactor by a magnetic bottle. This will keep the muons away from the sides of the reactor’s containment. This will minimize the erosion of the sides of the containment.

          • gerold.s

            In other words, the “reactor core” could be the fuel itself made of a small NI tube coated e.g. with micro diamonds or other “fuel components” only holded by electrodes and surounded by H, D, Ar atmosphere. No need for a core of BN as holder for fuel. This will simplyfy design!

          • Axil Axil

            Don’t you still need a ceramic tube to confine the gas(H, D, Ar atmosphere)?

          • gerold.s

            No ceramic tube needed! The core tube which is also the fuel (Ni, micro diamonds, etc.. ) is holded by electrodes inside a larger tube made of high temp. resistant stainless steel which also acts as heat exchanger. Inside this larger tube we have a primary heat exchanging medium (gas, H, D, Ar) outside heat exchanger water is used to remove heat. And the whole apparatus is included in a magnetic bottle.

          • Bob Greenyer

            except you will need to house the core in something that can handle the heat.

          • gerold.s

            if the temperature exceeds approx. 1500°C Nickel will melt. Then an additional containment is needed. A small BN tube containing the “fuel tube” (Ni tube + mirco diamond coating) could be sufficient. But what will happen if the Ni melts, will that have an influence on the LENR reaction?
            Shouldn’t we try to stay below the melting point of Ni?

          • Bob Greenyer

            It is not that – Alumina progressively becomes a conductor over 1000ºC

            As i say in the presentation – the molten Ni reacts with the BN to free B – N could also come into play

          • Bob Greenyer

            It will use VERY little BN – and you could add it as a powder into the fuel mix.

          • Axil Axil

            So sorry, please excuss me, I have changed my mind. The primary LENR reaction can generate fusion as we have seen in the LION ash. The mechanism is explained here.


          • Axil Axil

            see my response to Bob Greenyer below.

          • artefact

            From Jean-Paul Biberians Blog of Day 3


            Imam: “Characterization and Evaluation of Palladium-Boron Alloys
            Used in LENR Experiments”. In the 1990s, it manufactured palladium
            cathodes with 0.25, 0.50 and 0.75% boron. These electrodes all gave heat
            to Miles. To make this alloy, it started from a 99.999% pure palladium
            foam, and the boron was of high purity. After formation of the alloy,
            the electrode was annealed, and gradually, the size of the grains
            decreased. An experiment with cerium instead of boron did not give heat.

        • stuart

          Of course….
          i agree with the following of known work, Im just wondering if the diamond is causing a benefical effect?

    • Hello Bob,

      Good work again! But one of the things I’m unclear about is on page 16 of your presentation slides in MeV.pdf. In this, we see a 14 row table including H, Ni, Cu, Zn, Fe and Co. At the top of this table is: “http://fusfis.org/transmutations22?element1=Ni&element2=Ni&sortorder=-MeV&limit=50” – but when I execute this apparent source of the 14 row table in my own browser, I get a 9 row table, solely consisting of Nickel isotopes. This table is exactly the one I also get with my own program (http://www.thinktankreport.com/TwoToTwo.php) using the core command: “E1 = ‘Ni’ and E2 = ‘Ni’ order by MeV desc limit 50” (minus the double quotes).

      – So, its seems clear that the 14 row table is the result of a much more sophisticated program that automatically(?) generates all possible fusions of two elements and then all possible 2-2 transmutations from those two and their fusion products in a cascading sequence. If Denis also wrote that, well done to him! It was next on my own “To Do” list. But can you clarify where that hidden program is or otherwise explain how that very handy 14 row table was produced? Thanks.

      • Bob Greenyer

        I built that table in Open office as part of running a few layers into the cascade reactions.

        That is a feature I have desired as part of fuel/ash analysis automation – like running the most favourable reactions a defined steps deep. I am effectively ‘wireframing’ this for you guys in this presentation – well spotted!

        • OK, leave me with this one. On the purest level it would involve recursion – a process that “calls itself” and the big danger is runaway – here a kind “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” effect. In its ideal form of exploring all possible reactions, the stable solution to any given initial input pair to the Fusion table (such as your H and Ni) – assuming a stable and finite one existed for a particular input set – would end up producing a list of distinct nuclei (A and Z wise) from which all possible pairs of inputs to the 2-2 table would produce outputs which are ALSO contained in that same list. At that point the the process could terminate and could claim to be complete (for that input set).

          If, however, the list looked like growing too large, a number of stopping criteria would need to kick in. One such, as you indicate, might be the depth of recursion or simply the number of nuclei in the list (remembering that the number of possible 2-2 input pairs in an n-long list is n times (n-1)/2). Another way of limiting the process might be to not add any reaction’s output nuclei to the list (if they are not already in it) if that reaction is too low in energy – too unfavourable, as you also say.

          • Bob Greenyer

            You can consider that if an element isotope is burned, all other subsequent reactions will not happen – though might want to enter a start point maximum energy yield.

            I think you get the challenge!

            Thanks again

          • “You can consider that if an element isotope is burned, all other subsequent reactions will not happen – though might want to enter a start point maximum energy yield.”

            – I’m not sure how to translate that into programming terms. Does it mean that (for our cascade table) an element isotope can appear only once on the input side of a fusion or 2-2 reaction and, if there is “competition”, choose the most energetically favourable reaction involving that isotope?

          • Bob Greenyer

            Steps do sometimes loop back due to say alpha emission to an isotope that may already have been present – so maybe some restrictions of recursive nature.

            See my simple explanation of Lugano above.

          • artefact

            I think your post for Lugano did not work or went to moderation. I found it on youtube and it is great 🙂

          • Bob Greenyer

            I dropped it on the ICCF-17 LENRIA press release thread.

            Thanks for the feedback.

          • Jouni Tuomela

            so the implosion happens Ouh!

          • OK, well, notwithstanding all that, here is the first version: http://www.thinktankreport.com/Cascades2.php

            – I advise you first to just take the default inputs and click on “Find Cascades” and see what you get. In this, first barely stable version, it’s easy to blow it up if you overdo the loop numbers or underdo the energy threshold. I’ve set the default MeV threshold pretty high at 2.0 MeV, which helps to contain any runaway. But it’s like trying to drive an “Arthur Daley special” at the moment!

            If you really want to get a fright, click on this: http://www.thinktankreport.com/Cascades.php
            – That’s the “warts and all” debugging version which I’m actually using. You might get some idea of how this particular version tries to work. I’d claim that all the nuclei in the Reactions table (aside from the “starting” ones – here H and Ni) are traceable to either a Fusion or a TwoToTwo reaction in Dr Parkhomov’s tables.

            Anyway, its late here in NZ, so see you tomorrow.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Wow Phillip – awesome and thanks – I am on the road at the moment but will test this at the earliest opportunity.

    • Bob Greenyer

      I have been told by Bill Collins (Chairman of ICMNS) this morning that Francesco Piantelli had at least one experiment that got into the GJ of accumulated XSH.

  • georgehants

    Eureka Alert
    Public Release: 6-Jun-2018
    Seeing the light? — Study illuminates how quantum magnets mimic light
    Magnetic crystal that behaves like quantum light validates theory
    What is light? It sounds like a simple question, but it is one that
    has occupied some of the best scientific minds for centuries.
    Now, a collaborative study with scientists at the Okinawa Institute
    of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) has added another
    twist to the story, turning an abstract theory about the quantum
    properties of magnets into a testable hypothesis about a new kind of
    Read more

    • greggoble

      Thanks for this…

      Experimental signatures of emergent quantum electrodynamics in Pr2Hf2O7
      Romain Sibille, Nicolas Gauthier, Han Yan, Monica Ciomaga Hatnean, Jacques Ollivier, Barry Winn, Uwe Filges, Geetha Balakrishnan, Michel Kenzelmann, Nic Shannon & Tom Fennell

      Nature Physics (2018)
      Magnetic properties and materials Quantum fluids and solids
      Received: 06 June 2017
      Accepted: 19 March 2018
      Published: 30 April 2018


      In a quantum spin liquid, the magnetic moments of the constituent electron spins evade classical long-range order to form an exotic state that is quantum entangled and coherent over macroscopic length scales1,2. Such phases offer promising perspectives for device applications in quantum information technologies, and their study can reveal new physics in quantum matter. Quantum spin ice is an appealing proposal of one such state, in which the fundamental ground state properties and excitations are described by an emergent U(1) lattice gauge theory3,4,5,6,7. This quantum-coherent regime has quasiparticles that are predicted to behave like magnetic and electric monopoles, along with a gauge boson playing the role of an artificial photon. However, this emergent lattice quantum electrodynamics has proved elusive in experiments. Here we report neutron scattering measurements of the rare-earth pyrochlore magnet Pr2Hf2O7 that provide evidence for a quantum spin ice ground state. We find a quasi-elastic structure factor with pinch points—a signature of a classical spin ice—that are partially suppressed, as expected in the quantum-coherent regime of the lattice field theory at finite temperature. Our result allows an estimate for the speed of light associated with magnetic photon excitations. We also reveal a continuum of inelastic spin excitations, which resemble predictions for the fractionalized, topological excitations of a quantum spin ice. Taken together, these two signatures suggest that the low-energy physics of Pr2Hf2O7 can be described by emergent quantum electrodynamics. If confirmed, the observation of a quantum spin ice ground state would constitute a concrete example of a three-dimensional quantum spin liquid—a topical state of matter that has so far mostly been explored in lower dimensionalities.

  • – Thanks – a very good thought! In its full form, it could lead to a program which finds the optimal way of transmuting our way to a pre-chosen goal (like gold, for example). Its akin to solving a maze puzzle by working backwards from the exit. Actually, much the same software infrastructure that I’m developing could be effectively be used in reverse, also. A midway course would be to include both “push” and “pull” elements.

    Right now, though, I’m just happy not to get nasty error messages – including the scary one which just says “Forbidden!” – which is probably the result of the feared “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” effect I mentioned earlier.

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