Conference on Exciting New Science and Potential Clean Energy Source Comes to Fort Collins, Colorado ( Press Release)

The following is a press release from regarding the upcoming ICCF-21 Conference to be held June 3-8 2018


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ICCF-21 Conference is Primary Venue for the Scientific Presentation and Discussion of Experimental and Theoretical Ideas and Experiments in the Field of LENR

FORT COLLINS, CO – MAY 31, 2018  – The 21st International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCF-21) will be held at the Lory Student Center on the Colorado State University campus in Fort Collins, CO from June 3-8, 2018.  Roughly 150 scientists from over a dozen countries are expected to attend and present over 100 papers and posters on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).  Additionally, for the first time more than 25 graduate and undergraduate students and science teachers will attend the conference via a new scholarship program created to engage the next generation of capable scientists with fresh energy, ideas, and an interest in LENR.

LENR experiments over the past 30 years have shown that it is possible to release large amounts of nuclear energy using small chemical reactions.  The production of nuclear energy with LENR is groundbreaking because these reactions occur without dangerous radiation and do not produce radioactive waste.  While the empirical data for the occurrence and properties of LENR are well documented, the mechanisms that cause LENR are not yet understood.  This is a major scientific puzzle that the annual ICCF-21 conference hopes to address.

Over a dozen companies have been founded in several countries in the hopes of commercializing LENR as a new source of clean, practical energy. ICCF-21 gives these companies and scientists alike the opportunity to discuss LENR scientific research and advancements. Attendees include those interested in the business potential of LENR as a future source of reliable energy.

To learn more about ICCF-21, please visit our website at  If you need more information or are interested in covering the conference, please contact ICCF-21 Co-Chair Steve Katinsky at [email protected].