Rossi: E-Cat SK Test a ‘Great’ Success

Andrea Rossi had been reporting that a very important test of the the higher-powered E-Cat SK was to take place at the end of June and yesterday on the Journal of Nuclear Physics he reported that he was extremely pleased. Here are a few of his comments:

“I just finished now the test with the SK. I am trembling for the emotion. Probably we will present it. We made enormous progress in the last several weeks. The test has been not good. The test has been great.”

“We tested a version very close to the industrialization and it did not show any trouble in a long test, besides I had confirmation of the validity of an intuition that simplify remarkably the SK system.”

“We will probably present both the QX and the SK”

We have come to learn that this kind of report is quite typical of Rossi — he never rests trying to improve his products and he regularly tests new ‘intuitions’ that he think can improve and/or simplify his products. He is still talking about two products: the QX and the SK, but I wonder if the new progress on the SK will start to take all his attention.

There’s another thing to point out in his recent comments — Gerald McEk asked him if he still thought he could deliver an industrial E-Cat plant by the end of this year; Rossi’s response was “no”. So his timeline projections are slipping somewhat — which I had somewhat expected — since just a few weeks ago he said he hoped to have products delivered to customers before the end of 2018.