Radio Waves Experiment (Sean)

I thought it would be useful to start a new thread with these two comments by Sean from the recent Electric Universe Thread here, who has shared some details from an experiment he has done.

1. Just did an experiment. I took a normal 3 inch long x 3/8″ Dia.Steel spring an using a voltmeter set to Millivolts and proceeded to do the following. Across the spring length = 0 mv. across the magnet = 0 mv. Placed insulation tape between magnet and spring = .8 mv. I think that its picking up background radiation. So the next experiment was to measure my mobile VHF/UHF ham radio antenna indoors. I hooked up the PL259 plug directly to to voltmeter and I measured 3.7 mv.

2. Well I think I have found the missing ingredient to that You-Tube video. It is something that you cannot see. RADIO WAVES. I set up the experiment again and keyed up my Baofeng hand held ham radio a few feet away and up went the voltage to 2.3 Volts. That’s enough to light a LED. I remember when I had CB sets back in the 70’s, You could tape a Neon light to the antenna for fun. When you keyed up the neon would light up extremely bright especially if you place it near the loading coil at center mast. (It got very hot also).