New Patent Applications from Industrial Heat Published

Thanks to John Littlemist for bringing attention to new patent applications from Industrial Heat that have been published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Thanks also to Lou Paggnuco who found them and posted them on the LENR Forum here.

U.S. Patent Application 20180193816 — July 12, 2018


Inventors: Letts; Dennis G.; (Austin, TX)
Applicant: Industrial Heat, LLC Raleigh NC US
Filed: August 22, 2017

ABSTRACT: An exothermic reaction chamber includes at least one of an annular sleeve hosting a hydrogen-absorbing metal, and an electrode having either an outer diameter greater than 50 percent of the reaction chamber bore diameter, perturbations formed on the electrode outer surface, or both. The anode-to-cathode distance may be varied by controlling either or both of the thickness of the annular sleeve and the electrode diameter. Perturbations on the electrode outer surface, which facilitate electrical discharge, may be formed by winding wire around the electrode in a helical pattern, by machining the electrode, or by drilling holes through the electrode and inserting metal rods having pointed or rounded tips into the holes. Both by reducing the anode-to-cathode distance and via perturbations on the outer surface of the electrode, electrical discharge is enhanced. Electrical discharge may drive more hydrogen (deuterium) ions into the hydrogen-absorbing metal, enhancing the efficiency of exothermic reactions.

Excerpts: “Exothermic reactor power is proportional to the volume of hydrogen-absorbing metal.”


U.S. Patent Application 20180197643 — July 12, 2018

Monitoring and Controlling Exothermic Reactions Using Photon Detection Devices

Inventors: Morris; Julie A.; (Flower Mound, TX) ; Murray; Joseph A.; (Raleigh, NC)
Applicant: Industrial Heat, LLC Raleigh NC US
Filed: October 26, 2017

ABSTRACT: A method includes vacuuming an environment containing a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) system and flowing a gaseous material into the environment. The method includes heating the reactor to a first temperature range and applying a voltage to an electrode passing through a core of the LENR system. The method includes imaging one of the core or the system with a spectrometer and determining that the core is at a desired temperature based on the imaging.…0197643&RS=DN/20180197643


U.S. Patent Application 20180193815 — July 12, 2018


Inventors: Letts; Dennis G.; (Austin, TX)
Applicant: H IP Holdings Limited, St. Helier GB
Filed: June 6, 2017

ABSTRACT: An exothermic reaction of hydrogen/deuterium loaded into a metal or alloy is triggered by controlling the frequency of a hydrogen/deuterium plasma in a reaction chamber. The plasma frequency is controlled by adjusting its electron density, which in turn is controlled by adjusting the pressure within the reaction chamber. An exothermic reaction is generated at certain discrete plasma frequencies, which correspond to the optical phonon modes of D-D, H-D, and H–H bonds within the metal lattice. For example, in palladium metal, the frequencies are 8.5 THz, 15 THz, and 20 THz, respectively.