Problems Adapting the E-Cat to a Gas Turbine

Xavier Pitz on the Journal of Nuclear Physics seems to have hit the nail on the head regarding problems Andrea Rossi seems to be having in connecting the E-Cat QX with an existing gas turbine:

Xavier Pitz
July 19, 2018 at 5:27 PM
Dear Andrea,

Do you envision the SK being able to be retrofitted into the combustion chamber of already existing gas turbines, or wouldn’t it be better to design new kind of SK-optimized gas turbines ?
I’m also not an engineer, and this maybe total nonsense, but as there is no real combustion taking place, the combustion chamber maybe skipped altogether ?
The challenge will then be to transfer the heat from the SK somewhere else in the airflow. Maybe through the stators blades ? Would this make sense ?

Andrea Rossi is in agreement with the assessment, although he does mention that he has help which he seems to esteem very highly.

Andrea Rossi
July 19, 2018 at 11:21 PM
Xavier Pitz:
This is the core of the problem. It is premature to be able to answer. I can say that the power of fire of the Partner we are dealing with to resolve the problem is very high in the whole world.
Warm Regards,

Here’s a nice animation from GE that shows the workings of a conventional gas turbine. The E-Cat does not have any combustion, just heat, so Rossi and his team must be trying to figure if they adapt it to work in a satisfactory way.

When asked what he thinks the chances were of having the SK-Turbine configuration ready to show for a projected January presentation, he stated “33%”. Rossi is normally quite optimistic in his projections, so I would take this as a sign that it likely won’t be ready to show alongside the QX which according to Rossi is ready.

Here’s a nice animation from GE that shows the workings of a gas turbine.