Rossi: Ex-Military Specialists Working on Securing E-Cat Control System

Andre Rossi wrote yesterday on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that Leonardo Corporation has set up a remote control system that they “deem almost impossible to be cracked.” He said that the remote control monitoring system for all the world will from a location in Miami, Florida:

Andrea Rossi
August 4, 2018 at 8:28 AM
Gerard McEk:
What we are proposing, as I said, is exclusively the installation of our Ecats in the factories of our Clients to sell the heat, controlling the plants in remote from our headquarter in Miami, wherever the plants might be in the world. We will maintain full property and control of the plant, while our Clients will save money paying our Joules much less that the normal market price. This will remain our policy for a long time, to maintain full control of our IP. We already have set up a remote control system that we deem almost impossible to be cracked.
Warm Regards,

I asked Rossi if the remote control system was being tested out, and if so, how it was working. He replied:

Andrea Rossi
August 5, 2018 at 3:45 AM
Frank Acland:
We are making tests and we are satisfied of them so far. Obviously the difficult part is not to make a remote control, as modulated as it might be, but to make it impossible to be hacked. We are being helped also by retired military specialists of the field.
Warm Regards,

If the remote control system works as described, one vulnerability will be that E-Cat plants worldwide are going to be dependent on a reliable internet connection between themselves and Miami. There are many reasons why internet connections can fail — e.g. equipment failure, to natural or man-made disasters, to government actions — and of course there are places in the world where reliable internet is just not available.

Rossi has made it clear IP protection is paramount, and he is unlikely to be deterred from this business plan. Above he says this policy will be in force for ‘a long time’. If you are a business that is willing to contract with Leonardo to purchase E-Cat heat, you will have to have a standby backup source of heat ready to deploy in cases when the internet signal goes down.

Whether the IP will be well-protected with this system is another issue. Rossi states he thinks that it will be ‘almost’ impossible to hack, but also says they are still working with ex-military experts on what he calls a ‘difficult’ issue, so they cannot be totally confident that they have safeguarded their IP with this measure.

I expect they will try as hard as they can to become hack-proof, and remain so, but they must realize that if E-Cat technology is as revolutionary as Rossi maintains, Leonardo will become a huge target for people trying to find out how they do what they do.

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