Brilliant Light Power Provides 3rd Quarter Update

Brilliant Light Power has posted their 3rd Quarter 2018 update on their website here:

The update provides a lot of information about of BLP’s technology, including testing data and photographs and diagramas of laboratory experiments and equipment. It also includes references to recent publications about BLP’s scientific research, including the article “Power determination and hydrino product characterization of ultra-low field ignition of hydrated silver shots” published in the Chinese Journal of Physics here.

As far as recent developments go, here are a few highlights:

They are developing a “Pyrex-Stainless Steel SunCell for 400 °C Heater” which they say is currently in operation. Images are provided.

Recent and upcoming events include:

“•Major OEM team performed due diligence with visit on July 16th.

•Major Sovereign Wealth Fund Delegation visit on June 29th.

•Planning Energetic Materials Open House for Defense Agencies in October.”

As far as commercialization of their technology goes, they state that “Levers for Commercial Success” involve:

“Prove our power source to the world in the near term through power measurements, identification of the Hydrino® products of the reaction, and engineered power systems”