Russ George Reports Production of Excess Heat from Rice-size Fuel Grains. (Updated with Comments from Alan Smith)

Russ George is reporting on his Atom-Ecology website that he has been consistently been seeing ‘heat after death’ in experiments he has been running in Alan Smith’s Looking for Heat lab near London.

The article is titled : “Glimpse of the end of the fossil fuel/fool age”, link is here:

Russ states that he has been using small rice-grain size fuel pellets made “out of incredibly cheap and common materials” to heat a test bench reactor of several kilograms, and that he has been seeing gamma rays being produced over a period of about 100 days. In addition, he says has seen these fuel pellets producing heat in a cyclical fashion ranging from hot to not-so-hot.

He provides this image to show the cooling curve of one of his fueled reactors (red trace) after the power input has been turned off, compared to an unfueled one (green trace). The fueled reactor is shown to be delivering 25+ watts of heat output.

Russ says that the construction of his fuel pellets can be taught to the poorest of the world, and that he believes soon (in months rather than years) the world can start to end its dependence on fossil fuels, and the harmful effects of their emissions and waste.

Thanks to Russ for sharing more of his work. Clear demonstration ofeExcess heat is what many people have been hoping for in LENR experiments. I am sure there will be a lot of interest amongst LENR followers in how he is achieving his results, and I would expect there is more to come.

UPDATE: Aug 10, 2018

Alan Smith sent me the following in response to some comments and questions posted here:

“Thank you to all who support what we are doing. To answer a few questions, control reactors and test reactors have thermal masses and R-values matched as closely as careful craftsmanship and calibration permits. We make great care to make things very comparable, which will be part of a presentation at the Italy CMNS conference in October. So no worries about different latent heat capacity in different reactors. Less than 1 gram of fuel doesn’t store a lot of heat. Our favourite control mass btw is a small iron nail in otherwise identical format to the active fuel assemblies. Symbolic perhaps of our wish to nail this sucker once and for all.”

“As far as replication goes, we are only just beginning to replicate our own work, which was our first concern. More disclosure will happen when we are ready, but I can’t say when that will be. We only saw the first signs of success in May, so this is early days. Think of the decades others have spent looking for the LENR fairy with more cash and more staff than just the 3 of us can provide. Well, we are ahead so far! So please be patient.”