‘Antigravity’ Experiments on Video

Are we seeing a genuine antigravity effect displayed in some videos coming out of Russia?

I don’t claim to know what we are looking at here, but here is something that came into my email that I am afraid that I can’t provide much information at all because it’s all very new to me, and everything is in Russian.

But I thought I’d share here and see what we might be able to learn together.

The videos are from the YouTube account of Alexey Chekurkov

The first one, titled “The Flight of Gravity” is described as “an experiment of antigravity” and was published on July 10, 2018. It shows some kind of disk contraption hooked up to a car battery apparently levitating in an outside setting.

The second one is titled “Take-off and landing of the disk (answers to questions)” and was published on August 18, 2018. It shows the same disk being operated inside.

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for providing a link to a machine translation of this video here: