Russ George on “Goldilock’s Fusion”

Russ George has updated his Atom-Ecology website with a new post ( which gives a little more information about the testing that he is carrying out with his reactors, and has come up with the phrase “Goldilocks He writes:

Cold fusion fuel must be not only well heat sunk the reacting hot materials have to be dilute so that they don’t stay too cold, or get too hot, but make porridge that is just right . . . My present observations of coupling of the gamma and heat-producing reactions at a considerable distance make this process all the more mysterious. It is surely not neutron coupling. Some preliminary looking for anomalous magnetic effects offer hints but nothing on a grossly observable magnetic scale seems to be present. If there is a magnetic entanglement it is taking place via some here-to-fore unknown transfer medium. Does the magnetic force present itself as both a wave and particle?

“Today six cold fusion reactors are baking atom-ecology fuel mixtures and are reliably producing periodicity in both the cold fusion heat and gammas. It would seem that the reactions are self-moderating as well as being responsive to my chef’s tender care. It is a Goldilock’s reaction, the fuel pellet must be not to cold and not too hot, but just right for the optimum reactivity.”

Alan Smith, who is working alongside Russ, and whose lab Russ is working in, has been posting some comments here, and on this thread on the LENR Forum, regarding their work, and answering questions from interested followers.