Johnyfive Provides LENR Recipe “Almost Guaranteed to Work” (LENR Forum)

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for sharing about the following.

There had been a poster on the LENR Forum who goes by the nickname of johnyfive (he has not revealed his identity) who claims that he has been able to produce radiation signals clearly above background regularly using an experimental setup. His posting history can be found here:

Yesterday on the LENR Forum he has posted a recipe that he claims is “almost guaranteed to work”.

The post is here:

“RECIPE written just in 2 minutes:

1. Cathode: Get approx. 10x5x5 mm flake of Titanium sponge, preferably 99,9% purity – Sigma Aldrich or Alfa Aeasar will be fine for sure
2. Anode: Get Nickel Wire around 26AWG. 99% purity
3. Get D2O, preferably 99,9% purity
4. Get Lithium metal
5. Use nickel wire for attaching Titanium sponge at the top, so that nickel wire will be not immersed in D2O mixture.
6. Get LiOD from Li + D2O reaction, 100mg Li in 5ml D2O.
7. Use stabilized DC power supply (Cathode -, Anode +) and power it, let it run at around 0.5W for over 3 days.
8. Get a paper and put it above the cell so that vapor is trapped by it.
9. Get Pancake GM detector (I think Russian detectors are the best and cheap) and measure radiation of the paper after 3 days.

Almost guaranteed to work. This is just the beginning so that if you really want, you can replicate it now. No hesitation, no tricks.”

We can’t know if it’s the real thing unless someone tries to replicate it. So for replicators interested in testing out a recipe, here’s something to work with.