Rossi: Today E-Cat SK Testing Begins

Andrea Rossi has posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that today, September 3, 2018, Leonardo Corp. will be starting a test of the E-Cat SK reactor to see if it is ready for mass production and use in the first commercial plants that Leonardo will be manufacturing

Rossi has said that the E-Cat SK they will be testing will be rated at 10 kW, in contrast to the the 1 kW QX which is apparently ready for mass production if the SK testing does not fail.

Here are some comments from the JONP on this subject:

Frank Acland
September 1, 2018 at 12:20 PM
Dear Andrea,

You said that on Monday you will start the testing of the SK reactor.

1) How long will the test be?
2) How many reactors are you testing?
3) What will be required in order for you to make a decision in favor of the SK?

Andrea Rossi
September 1, 2018 at 2:39 PM
Frank Acland:
1- 10 days
2- two
3- sorry, too complex to be explained. Too many parameters and confidential issues.
Warm Regards,

Last week, Rossi had stated that the test would last for “several weeks”, and now he is saying 10 days only. I’m not sure what might have changed to have shortened the testing timeframe.