JohnyFive Publishes ‘100% Repeatable’ Revised Recipe, Claims Elevated Radiation Detected with both D2O and H2O

On the LENR Forum, poster JohnyFive has published a revised recipe for an experimental setup which he says he believes is 100% repeatable.

The thread in which he is commenting and posting some photos is here:

Since he posted this recipe, he says he has tried it with H2O instead of D2O, and wrote:

“H2O is working very well too! No need for D2O. Today I measured 5 times of background. Half life was refined to be rather 15 – 20 minutes.”

Alan Goldwater of the MFMP has stated that he is preparing to attempt a replication using this recipe.


1. Cathode: Get approx. 10x5x5 mm flake of Titanium sponge, preferably 99,9% purity – Sigma Aldrich, Merck or Alfa Aesar, ThermoFisher will be fine for sure. But any similarly sized Ti sponge will work.
2. Anode: Get Nickel Wire around 26AWG. 99% purity. It must be just wire! Very likely size ratio between Cathode, Anode is key factor. Anode will oxidize quickly, but it is not an issue.
3. Get D2O, preferably 99,9% purity
4. Get Lithium metal
5. Use nickel wire for attaching Titanium sponge at the top, so that nickel wire will be not immersed in D2O mixture.
6. Get LiOD from Li + D2O reaction, 100mg Li in 5 – 10ml D2O.
7. Use stabilized DC power supply (Cathode -, Anode +) and power it, let it run at around 0.2W – 0.5W for over 3 days. Too high current will destroy the anode. For this reason smaller current (50mA) is recommended at least from the beginning. If current is too high the D2O solution will evaporate quickly too.
8. Right from the start put a printing paper above the cell so that vapor is trapped by it.
9. Get A Pancake GM detector with thin mica window – preferably Russian Si-8B, Si-14B or similar.

After roughly 3 days the water solution will likely become completely black. From that moment you will likely obtain an elevated radiation level. My rough estimate is that in 10 hours one could be able to measure something interesting, not sooner.


Measured radiation is of unknown type and source yet but likely it is soft Beta with energy under 20keV. Observed behavior is that the cell is filled with radioactive particles floating in the air, rather accumulated inside. They are likely escaping the cell through the top opening – for this reason a surface that can trap them is required in order to measure them.


Folded sheet of white printing 80g paper was cut for a proper size and used with success as cell cover. This paper can be then moved and placed directly at the mica window which will instantly show elevated radiation if the paper was covering the cell for a sufficiently long time. I recommend at least 3 hours exposition.

No air flow is recommended during measurement as the radioactive particles seems to be affected even by air.

Once the cell started to produce radioactive products it will do so as long as the cell is powered.

For unknown reason the paper show higher radiation readings from the opposite side (upper) than the bottom that is in direct contact with a vapor.

Alternatively, grab the detector and place it in close vicinity (< 10mm) to the paper directly above the cell. So that the paper is still lying at the cell.


Floating particles seems to be reacting with all nearby materials. This is then producing radiation. If such particle reacts once it will disappear = You need to produce new in the cell. This could mean that there is no half life, but local condition does not allow to store such particles for longer time.

Observed Half-Life is within 20 – 40 minutes. This mean that even after the cell is powered off the products will be still there.


Changing Cathode or Anode will require next conditioning that might take another 3 days.


When electrolysis is turned off the water will change from black back to crystal clear with white residue from LiOD. This will happen within few minutes.

Strange, soft but unhealthy air smell is noticed after prolonged run. This could lead to at least lungs irritation – not healthy for sure. Wear a proper gas mask and protective clothings.


Do not try it at Home. Even that radiation level is rather insignificant it is of unknown type and source yet. Because you are unable to measure it with your detector it does not mean it is not there. Be aware that at least D,O,D2O is released from the cell!


This recipe and related info is distributed under Creative Commons 4 license – BY-NC-ND. See attached file.

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