DARPA Funds $1.3 Million Study of Quantized Inertia – Converting Light into Thrust

A professor at the University of Plymouth (UK) will receive a $1.3 million grant from DARPA (United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to study ‘Quantized Inertia’ which theorizes that light can be converted into thrust.

Dr. Mike McCullough, Lecturer in Geomatics, will lead a team that will develop a fully predictive theory of how matter interacts with light, and then conduct experiments to test the theory. Dr. McCullough thinks it could be possible to develop spacecraft that require no propellant, just a source of electricity.

I am not sure whether this has anything in common with the EmDrive theory, but the goals of propellant-less propulsion certainly sound similar.

An article from the University of Plymouth’s website provides more details here: