Brown’s Gas or HHO Gas and Potential Connection to LENR (Gerold S.)

The following post has been submitted by Gerold S.

Last week I stumbled over a Youtube video …

One Million Cavitating Water Electrolyzers | Moray B King

In this video, by the way very informative and humorous, also the topic Brown’s gas is explained and applications are shown (i.e. cars, which drive on water, welding with water, possibility to produce plasma,…) It seems that there is a lot of info and also communities out there, who work on the topic.

By watching this video and investigating further in the net, I got the impression that there seem to be some connections to LENR. (terms: ZPE, plasmoids, EVO, …)

Could it be that “Brown’s gas” could have an implication for LENR?

When I search i.e. LENR forum using the term “Brown’s gas” I don’t get very many hits…

At least Brown’s gas seems to have very special characteristics, which seem not unfamiliar to me, because already read or heard about with relation to LENR.

Following questions could interesting for discussion:

  • Could “Brown’s gas or HHO gas be of value for LENR research? Any ideas?
  • Would it be possible and feasible to use HHO gas for plasma creation to
    be used in a  LENR reactor?

These are just two questions, which came up to my mind and I hope that there are other community members out there who are willing to participate in discussion or have an interesting input.