Abstracts from the Soshi 25th Russian on Cold Nuclear Transmutation of Chemical Elementts and Ball Lightning Conference Published

Thanks to a reader who shared a document which contains the abstracts from the Sochi conference, both in English and Russian.

Here are the titles of the presentations, abstracts are in the document linked below:

Nickel – Hydrogen Reactor, Continuously Worked More than Half Year
A.G. Parkhomov,  S.N. Zabavin, A.G. Sobolev, T.R. Timerbulatov
Simulation of the Ball Lightning Phenomenon Using a Two-Stage Electric Explosion of Metal
A. N. Vlasov
Natural evidence of nuclear fusion reactions and transmutations of chemical elements in the Earth`s core
V. A. Kirkinsky, V.S. Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy of the SB RAS
Transformation of Atoms to Transatoms in a Strong Magnetic Field Spin-Nuclide-Electronic Condensate
G.V. Mishinsky, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Experiments with the prototype “Energeia»
S. M. Godin, V. A. Kudryashov
Physical Properties of Heterogeneous Plasmoid Obtained in the Setup PVR with Indium Cathode
A.I. Klimov., Belov N.K., Timirbulatov V. Kh., Tolkunov B.N.

About polarization models of low-energy transmutation and ball lightning
V.I. Runin, V.V. Chernuha
Electromagnetic processes in a heterogeneous medium of nickel hydride and hydrogen
D.S. Baranov, V.N. Zatelepin

Decontamination of liquid radioactive waste by means of microbiological synthrophic associations.
A.A. Kornilova,  S.N.Gaydamaka,  N.V.Klochkova, M.A. Gladchenko
On entropy growth nature and shock wave lightning.
M.Ja. Ivanov, V.K. Mamaev, V.L. Semenov
Statistics of strange radiation tracks from working LENR reactors
V.A. Zhigalov,  A.G. Parkhomov,  S.N. Zabavin, A.G. Sobolev
On the problem of ball lightning rotation
A.V. Chistolinov

Detection of electromotive force generated in the plasma of discharge gap
V.V. Botvinovskiy

Hydrogen Atom’s  Exotic State
A. E. Danghyan

Nuclei structure -Molybdenum and Technetium cases
Philippe Hatt

Emission of substance from the surface of ball lightning and the problem of “strange” radiation
A.V. Chistolinov

Estimation of radiation influence of string-vortex solitons
A.L. Shishkin, V. J. Tatur

Compact Spherical Dusty Plasma Formation in a Cryogenic Gas Discharge
S.N. Antipov

Alternative energy sources theory, practice, experiment
V. Yu. Velikodny

Natural and artificial long-lived luminescent objects in the atmosphere
A.R. Bikmukhametova

Induction heating of the LENR reactor
V.M. Emelyanov
Cold transmutation of nuclei in formation of oceanic concretions
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