Paper Discusses Biological Effects of ‘Strange Radiation’

The documentation of the ‘Strange Radiation’ tracks that seem to have been produced for the experiment reported at the recent Soshi conference, raises important questions about what exactly is SR, what could cause this phenomenon, what its effects might be, and what can be done to contain or shield them, if they are hazardous.

It would seem that if ‘Strange Radiation’ is indeed some kind of by-product of certain LENR reactions, that it would deserve careful study in terms of the possible effects on human health. T

Thanks to Gerold S. who posted the following comment in this thread:

Please find attached a paper titled: “Assessment of the biological effects of “strange” Radiation”
E.A. Pryakhin, G.A. Tryapitsinaa, L.I. Urutskoyevb, A.V. Akleyevc

refer to 5. Conclusions:
“…These studies produced the following conclusions:

472 E.A. Pryakhin et al.

1. “strange” radiation – that results from the explosion of Ti foils in water and other aqueous solutions – has the capacity to produce biological effects.

8. It can be suggested by the results of the test exposures that “strange” radiation can affect human health.

9. It has been shown by these preliminary studies that to gain more insight into the biological effects of “strange” radiation, further investigation would be necessary. …“