E-Cat World at the January E-Cat Presentation (Update: Travel Plans Confirmed)

Recently Andrea Rossi announced that the upcoming E-Cat presentation, now scheduled for January 31, 2019 would be an internet-only event, not a live event where guests could be present, as was the case at the event in Stockholm November 2017. His reasoning was that it would be very difficult find a public venue where he would be permitted to operate his E-Cat SK which now is apparently rated at 10 kW (as opposed to 20 W in Stockholm).

This has been quite a disappointment for many people, especially those who had previously received invitations to attend. I contacted Andrea Rossi and told him I was very interested in this presentation and I would like to be there to do some in-depth reporting for E-Cat World. He has told me that I am invited to attend. I don’t know yet exactly where the presentation will take place but was told it would probably be in the Miami area.

I am still not sure quite what to expect at the presentation. Rossi has said recently that “we will show in internet videos of the Ecat SK in operation and we will answer publicly all the questions we will receive from the attendants in internet.”
I will of course have my own questions and hope to have a chance to talk with not only Andrea Rossi, but others who might be working with him. I will be there to learn as much as I can, and take as many pictures and videos as I can. I will try to report live on this site about what is going on, and should be able to respond to questions sent to me directly.

If anyone would like to help support my trip financially, I would be most grateful for it. Travel and lodging will be the main expenses. I will probably be staying on site for 3 days and nights. My Paypal address is [email protected]. Please get in touch if you have any questions and thanks in advance for any help!

UPDATE: Oct 28, 2018: Thanks to the support from readers here, I have enough funds raised to cover the expenses for the trip. Flight is booked, along with accommodation. The date of January 31st, 2019 for the presentation has been confirmed, the location was a surprise to me (that’s all I can say at the moment.) I really appreciate the support and I will do the best I can to provide good reporting for readers here.