3 kW Heat Burst Reported in Experiment Using Copper, Nickel, Zirconia and Hydrogen Gas

Thanks to Jed Rothwell for posting a link on the vortex-l mailing list of a paper published on the Researchgate website from a group of Japanese researchers at Kobe University using a Copper, Nickel, Zirconia mixture in Hydrogen gas, with heat applied.

The article is: “Anomalous Heat Burst by CNZ7 Sample and H-Gas” by Yokose, Toyoshi & Takahashi, Akito & Takahashi, Koh & Furuyama, Yuichi. (2018). The paper will be presented at the JCF19 Meeting, Nov. 9-10, 2018, Iwate University, Morioka, Japan

From the abstract:

“Repeatability of anomalous heat effect (AHE) by the interaction of nano-composite CNZ(Cu1Ni7/zirconia) sample1,2, and H-gas at 200- 300 degree C RC (reaction chamber) condition was studied.In this paper, we report a large heat burst (ca.130 Wpeak by oil-flow calorimetry) event by CNZ7sample(ca. 1kg, Cu1Ni7/Zirconia) and H-gas interaction under elevated temperature.”

The full text can be read at this link.