Rossi: “Open Heart” Inspections of the E-Cat During Doral Test Damaged his Health

Here is a very interesting comment on the Journal of Nucelar Physics from Andrea Rossi regarding the relationship between the E-Cat and his health in response to questions from Brokeeper.

2- Also, could you shed some light on how your recent illness may have been affected by the yearlong test inside the container? Some are concerned it may be due to some ‘Strange Radiation’. I am very glad to hear you are recovering.
Thank you. God be with you.

Andrea Rossi
November 14, 2018 at 10:03 AM
1- yes
2- no, we will not give any particular related to the factory
3- during the year long test in Doral I covered the shift from 5 PM through 10 A.M. and during the night, when I was alone, many times I opened the shielding to look inside to understand things. The Ecat does nor have emissions of ionizing radiations out of the Ecat body, but the inspection I made “open heart” were a risk and I knew it, but these inspections have allowed me to understand important things and this knowledge has born the QX and the SK versions of the Ecat. I spent a dear price in terms of health, but I could work very well and now I am healed. Also the voice returned. The fury to know I had was stronger than the good sense to be prudent, also because I was alone, the risks were all upon me. The Ecat SK you will see on Jan 31st is the son of this decision.
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So Andrea Rossi’s curiosity may have had a serious personal cost, even though he credits his “open heart” inspections with important information connected with the development of his invention. Rossi again admits that there is radiation inside the E-Cat, and harmful radiation at that, although not enough to kill him outright — so the theme of Strange Radiation again appears in the LENR story.