‘Strange Radiation’ Not so Strange After All? (Catman)

Thanks to Catman for posting this comment.

When it comes to reality, maybe the “strange radiation” SR, is not so strange after all?
According AR the SK reactor can generate heat and light, both coming from electromagnetic radiation with different wavelengths. He also stated that a certain percentage of the output can be directly harvested into electricity.

This could suggests that SK also generates a significant amount of “invisible” electromagnetic radiation (microwaves) that in high doses certainly can cause health issues if not handled well.

We can get proof of this almost daily using our own strong generator of electromagnetic radiation (microwave owen) where even by the name we could get a hint of what can be the fatal effects.
Obviously a close exposure to microwaves of enough power can be fatal but also quite lower field strenghts are documented to cause health effects. E.g a study of airport radar operators gives some indications this: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24082641

Unfortunately studies of health effects of microwave exposure are not very popular subjects for research. Could one reason be that the same radiation frequency range emitted by the magnetron in the microwave also is used in our smartphones and wifi nets?

In the microwave ovens the radiation is easily shielded and the generator allowed to be used by everyone if used according instructions. I see no reason for the same thing not happening with the SK domestic version.

P.S. If someone really likes to study the “SR” effects more in detail this brave guy has some ideas although I fully support his warning message. http://danyk.cz/magn_en.html