SAFIRE 2018 Report Published (New Video)

Thanks to Artefact for posting a link to a new video published today by the SAFIRE Project which helps give more context to the earlier video posted here.

In this video they discuss some of the experimental processes they use, and explain more about various aspects of plasma engine they are running experiments in.

At one point one of the team members explains what they say they discovered was the reason for the very high energy readings they had been seeing in the chamber:

The discharge in the chamber is slowing down the passage of ultraviolet light, so optical light just goes straight through, no problem, but there’s a particular frequency – 10 electron volt which is very high energy ultraviolet light that gets passed on very slowly from atom to atom. Even though it’s not a very dense plasma, the cross-section is so high that a photon is emitted and immediately absorbed by another hydrogen atom. Which means if you are an ultraviolet photon, it takes you 60 thousand times longer to get out of our chamber than if you are an optical photon. That sort of slowdown in the velocity of light is something that is often attributed to what we think we know about the sun, but to see it in our chamber here is a pretty exciting result and the amount of energy that is stored – if you remember those discharges – you have to think about those layers, the discharge, that’s what your eye is seeing, what our eyes can’t see is this hidden, or trapped, or stored energy, very high frequency energy that’s just waiting there in the plasma for something like an unsuspecting piece of equipment to encounter it and then destroy it.