IEEE Article: It’s been a Big Year for LENR

Thanks to Bob G. for the tip about this article from the IEEE Spectrum site.

The title is: “Scientists in the U.S. and Japan Get Serious About Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions:
It’s absolutely, definitely, seriously not cold fusion”

The author, Michael Koziol, points to two events that he finds significant:

This paper from Japanese researchers reporting excess heat production in hydrogen/deuterium loaded nanocomposites.

The publication by the US Naval Institute of this paper titled ‘This is Not Cold Fusion’ by Michael Ravnitzky.

The article considers the Widom-Larsen theory as a viable theoretical explanation for positive LENR results, but acknowledges there might be others.

It’s interesting to see some new attention and interest in LENR here, and also the very firm rejection of ‘cold fusion’, which is a term that I think is getting used less and less by people in the field nowadays.