Rossi: 27 kW E-Cat SK Weighs 11 kg

Andrea Rossi continues to provide a few new details regarding his E-Cats. He has stated that the E-Cat SK that is currently heating a factor somewhere in a cooler part of the United States is rated at 27 kW, and is currently running continuously.

One reader of the Journal of Nuclear Physics asked him about the weight of this E-Cat and he responded:

“Without the boiler the Ecat weights 1 kg, the Control Panel 10 kg”

As far as the physical dimensions of the E-Cat SK, Rossi has stated in the past that it is about twice the size of the E-Cat QX model that he demonstrated in Stockholm last November.

In some more recent comments from the JONP, Rossi has written that the client that has ordered 40 MW worth of E-Cat plants, that this 40 MW will not be a single plant, but 40 MW spread out over multiple geographic locations.

When asked about making electricity with the E-Cat, Rossi commented yesterday:

“Andrea Rossi
December 2, 2018 at 8:11 PM
Today we make only heat, but soon we will have clients that will couple Ecats with turbines coupled with alternators.
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