Rossi: E-Cats Can Now be Made Automatically

Gerard McEk sent some interesting questions to Andrea Rossi today, and received the following responses.

Gerard McEk
December 5, 2018 at 8:24 AM
Dear Andrea,
Just a few questions:
1. Can you tell us if you are already able to produce the ECats automatically?
AR: yes.
2. By when do you intend to start production, or has production started already?
AR: the production will follow the demand.
3. Will you also produce the ECat controllers in your production plants?
AR: yes.
4. I have always thought that the 40 MW unit is a single unit that will produce electricity. Now I understand that there will be multiple smaller units that will be located at different sites. Is the latter the right interpretation?
AR: yes.
5. Do they intend to produce electricity with the (collection of) 40 MW unit(s)?
AR: this is up to the Client
6. How much percent of the 40 MW units(s) is ready?
AR: this information is not public.
Thank you for answering our questions.
Kind regards, Gerard

Rossi here says that they “can” make E-Cats automatically, but it doesn’t sound like they are cranking them out and storing them in anticipation of high demand in the future. It sounds almost like they will be made on a “just-in-time” basis, depending on how orders start coming in. And at this point we don’t have any idea of what demand will be like. There is not much in the way of pre-publicity or advertising at this point. So far, awareness of the E-Cat is basically among the relatively small community of LENR followers, and by word of mouth among those who are close to Andrea Rossi and his current group of clients, which I guess at this point is still very small.