Russian Proatom Article on Changing Attitudes to LENR

Russian website Proatom, which covers news and information connected with the nuclear industry has a featured article titled ”
Industrial power plant on low-threshold nuclear reactions – the reality” written by Vitaly Uzikov, an engineer at the Russian State Scientific Center Research Institute of Atomic Reactors.

The article finds the recent IEEE Spectrum article about LENR to be a significant event, because it takes the field seriously and it is apparently read by 385,000 engineers around the world.

The article is a broad review of significant happenings in the LENR field, discussing such things US Department of Defense involvement in LENR research over the years, and Japanese governmental support of LENR research.

The article also looks forward to the announced commercial presentation of Andre Rossi on January 31, 2019 where Rossi has said that an E-Cat will be shown in operation.

Uzikov chooses to use the term Low Threshold Nuclear Reaction. He writes:

“By the way, the very abbreviation LENR ( Low – Energy Nuclear Reactions ) causes specialists a reasonable rejection, and they suggest calling the observed nuclear phenomena not low-energy , but low-threshold , but the generally accepted term LENR will be used hereinafter if it is not very accurate.”