‘The “Renaissance” in Nuclear Physics: Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions and Transmutations’ (New Paper in Polish Journal)

Thanks to Jonas Matuzas for posting a link to a new paper in the Always Open thread.


The title of the paper is ‘The “Renaissance” in Nuclear Physics: Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions and Transmutations’ by Paolo Di Sia, published in World Scientific News an interdisciplinary journal published under the auspices of The Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland.

Here is the abstract:

ABSTRACT Nuclear structure theory has recently undergone an unexpected “renaissance” that canbe attributed to two factors: (a) Since 1989, experimental findings have indicated isotopic anomalies in “chemical systems” at energies well below the expected ~10 MeV nuclear level.(b) Since 2007, remarkable ab initio super-computer calculations of nuclear properties have been made under the assumption that nucleons have well-defined intranuclear positions (x ≤2 fm). Assuming a magnetic structure of nucleons consistent with classical physics, we have made related lattice calculations of nuclear binding energies and magnetic moments. Our results compare favorably with results from other Copenhagen-style nuclear models.