Local Events for the January E-Cat Presentation

There has been some interest from ECW readers about holding meetings on the day of the event where people can gather together to watch Leonardo Corp.’s E-Cat SK presentation on January 31st. Orsobubu was the first person to bring this up and said he would be interested in having such an event in Milan, Italy.

I am not sure how widespread interest is in doing this, but I am happy to help people organize this if there is interest. I personally won’t be involved in organizing local events, that would be up to people to organize on their own.

So, if anyone is interested in organizing an event in their part of the world, please let me know privately ([email protected]), and I will make available the name of the city and a way to contact the organizer of the meeting on a new page that I have created dedicated to the event:


I have put a link to the page in the header of the website, an will update that page with new information and announcements, and that will be the page where the live stream will be posted on January 31st.