LENR in 2019

2018 is in the past now, 2019 has just rolled around, and we’re now just a few weeks away from the much-anticipated presentation of the industrial E-Cat. Will it be a watershed moment? At this point it’s hard to know. Andrea Rossi has stressed this will be a commercial, not a scientific presentation, so if people are expecting bulletproof proof that the E-Cat works as claimed, I think they will be disappointed. There will be no third party scientists on hand to verify the Rossi’s claims.

From all I can gather, what will be shown on the broadcast will be a demonstration of the E-Cat that he says has been heating an industrial space somewhere in the northern United States. Andrea Rossi has said there will be measurements taken from which COP can be calculated. He has said that there will be opportunities for people to ask questions live during the broadcast, and he will respond to those questions live.

I think the goal of the presentation will be for Leonardo to let potential customers know what he has got, and get them interested enough to sign up to try his heat-as-a-service. How successful that will be remains to be seen.

Whatever happens, I think the event will be interesting. It is rare for Rossi to put his E-Cats on display, and we are supposed to be seeing the E-Cat SK for the first time, which is apparently a much improved version of the QX that was shown in Sweden in 2017.

Leonardo is not the only LENR company out there, although they are the first to claim a ready-for- market product. There are numerous others who are trying to make it on to the commercial scene. Brilliant Light Power (although they disagree with the LENR label) and Brillouin Energy have both raised millions of dollars to bring products to market and seem to be working hard to develop commercial products. And there are numerous other groups and individuals in various parts of the world who are also on the LENR trail.

All this is happening rather quietly, which is typical for new technologies. With no products for sale, most people aren’t going to be paying attention to an obscure field of science and technology. But having a product appear on the market that people can benefit from could change things quite rapidly.

If the technological challenges to make working LENR products are dealt with, and useful products are brought to market, I think that there will be significant economic, political and social pressures to deal with. While many of us think that LENR is an ideal technology from an economic and environmental standpoint, there will be plenty of interests that would be adversely affected, and I would expect them to try and put up obstacles.

We will have to see how it all plays out, but I do think it’s going to be an interesting 2019 for LENR.